Monday, 24 December 2018

Week 3 Up, Up, and Away Day: 4

DAY 4: Like a Scene Out of a Movie

Activity 1: The Southern Lights [4 points]
Once in a while a very special event takes place in New Zealand. It is a show of beautiful, bright lights that appear in the sky over the South Island. The lights are called the ‘Aurora Australis’ or ‘Southern Lights.’ They are similar to the ‘Northern Lights’ that are often seen in places like Northern Canada, Iceland, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. The southern and northern lights are so stunning that they often leave people, who are watching them, speechless.
For this activity, you are to write a short acrostic word poem about the beautiful lights. Hazel has written an acrostic poem about summer to give you an example.
S - Sun outside,
U - Umbrellas in the sand.
M -  My friends and I, having fun,
M - Making sandcastles,
E - Enjoying ice cream on a hot day,
R - Racing to the beach!
On your blog, use the word ‘LIGHTS’ to write an acrostic poem about the Southern Lights. Be as creative as you can!

For more information and examples of acrostic poems, check out this poetry website.

Activity 2: The Seven Sisters [4 points]
In the middle of winter, a very special cluster (group) of stars appear in the sky over New Zealand. This cluster is called the ‘Matariki star cluster.’ It re-appears in the sky each May/June and signals the start of the Māori New Year. Many songs (waiata) and stories have been written about the cluster. One of these is called ‘The Seven Stars of Matariki.’ It was written by a New Zealander named Toni Rolleston-Cummins. She is from Maketu. Click here to listen to Toni read her story.
On your blog, write a short summary of the book. What was it about? Try to summarise the story in 6-8 sentences.

The seven sisters created a star and the korua has done much more magic when the mab turn into a bird an eavesdrop on his brother. he could feel the strong winds of the wind god Tawhirimatea. and also mati loved the brothers than himself they were also fine looking that's my opinion. but because the settle for before anyone beautiful than themselves, on Pukemaire hill when they were entranced by the most beautiful singing they all suddenly stopped the listen then went inside than saw seven sisters seting their singing than they left I guess and that is my summery.

Activity 3: Crazy, Cool Clouds [5 points]
Have you ever looked up into the sky and seen a cloud that had a really cool shape? I certainly have, and so have dozens of other people. Take a look at the three pictures of crazy, cool cloud formations below.

From left to right: Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3
Clouds are formed when small drops of water stick together. To learn more about clouds and how they are formed, you can watch this cool video. Once you have learned about clouds, please choose your favourite cloud picture.
On your blog, tell us what you see in the photo. What shape(s) do you see? Be sure to tell us which picture (1, 2 or 3) you have chosen and describe what you see in lots of detail!

What i see on the right picture is that i think that is is a alien ship upside down and my other guess is that it looks like a tornado to me because i have seen a lot of tornado videos and this looks like one so i think it is a tornado or a alien ship upside down

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  1. Good morning Mathew

    I love the acrostic poem that you wrote about the Southern Lights. I think ‘high up in the galaxy’ is my favourite line. I also think the way that you have presented it is very cool. It gives me an idea of what the bright lights you are talking about look like. Do you think you would like to travel to Stewart Island and see the lights?

    I can really see the alien spaceship in that picture. That would be a very clever disguise. Make your ship look like a cloud and no one will suspect a thing.

    Have a great day,