Friday, 29 July 2016

my work

Story Map
Title:  piper in the sand
Author: john o'brien
Characters: mum dad son
Setting: at the bech
Conflict: the piper was in the sand and he dug a whole
Resolution:  then he dug and dug then he found it

Beginning: he heard noise in the sand

Middle: the dad said that what are you doing digging and i found an piper

He put it back in  the whole and then he was sad because he put the piper back and he was sad

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

my wrok

The name of the character I am describing is


Title: the piper in the sand

Author: by john o’brien

He/ She/It looks like    

He has blue eyes and green pants


I wonder      that if he could play a song to his village and then put it back where he found it

Photo/ Image of the character  

She/ He/ It  looks like that because

It because it like that and it an describe

Thursday, 7 July 2016

reading response journel

Reading Response Journal

Title: rugby with a jandel

Author: by Janet perspire

Today I read about is a boy playing rugby at new Zealand

I feel happy about what I read today because  he scored his first try and he always wins the rugby game

My favorite character was the boy because he wins every game

I would feel happy if the same thing that happened to my character, happened to me because
I also win every game to

I think if the author decided to write another part to this story this is what will happen i think