Wednesday, 11 December 2019

The Block - Project

In many countries poor family's 
are using cheap materials to build 
a roof under there head, here are 3 country's that 
People use cheap materials.
People around the world are using things that are very cheap to build there self a house, the reason why they are building house using cheap materials because they can't afford timber and other expensive material.

South Africa, here's a person who made a house out of bottles.

Burkina  Faso: A family belt a house out of straws/hay.

In Europe, A man built a house out of salt blocks.


Friday, 6 December 2019

Summer learning journey. Activity 3 DAY 4

I think that it is a good idea because many of the Mexicans are sneaking in drugs into the United states and many more are still doing it. I think the building the giant wall between the UK and Mexico is a very good idea. 

I also think its a good idea because Mexico is dangerous and many gun fight happen near the UK boarder, were they try to smuggle drugs in the UK. It also helps the police officers to not get hurt if the Mexicans have guns, also helps the Police officers not going back a fourth to the UK boarder.

I really do think that the wall is great and should stay like that forever.

Summer learning journey. Activity 2 DAY 4

Water pollution

Every year our sea creatures are killed day by day. This is happening because of us. Us humans are killing our sea creatures which is wrong, how do we do this? We are polluting the waters with chemical waste, throwing rubbish into drains and rivers, waste material and many more. 

If it continues humans won't do what they love, and what they love is swimming fishing, spending time with each other and more. We keep polluting the waters we won;t do these things with our family.

But if we reduce it we would do these with family, swim in the beach, go fishing with your dad, spend time with one another. That's how our sea waters should be like, clean and nonpollution. 

Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Summer learning journey. Activity 1 DAY 4

 List 5 changes that you will change your school for 
one week.

  1. Were mufti the whole week and play games outside.
  2. No learning for one day, but free time the whole day.
  3. Swimming for 2 hours in the pool.
  4. Do learning only for on day and no games at all.
  5. last one will be playing games on your netbook.
If I do these things I will be called the coolest principal in the school

Summer learning journey. Activity 3 DAY 3

My inspiration is my mum, because if it wasn't for my mum I wouldn't be here. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't be at school today. The reason why I picked my mum is because she was with me throughout my whole life, and she also stayed with me 24/7 when I'm down and sick. My mum and dad are my everything. They mean so much to me, that's why I protect them from negative things. I love my mum and I know that you love your mum too. 

Summer learning journey. Activity 2 DAY 3

Candice - "I am proud of my family and friends because if it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be here at this very moment learning"

Lilo - "I am proud of my Family but mostly my parents because if it wasn't for my them I wouldn't be here"

Richie" I am proud of my education, because of how good I am doing at school.