Friday, 12 April 2019


On Wednesday the 10th we went to volleyball at the ASB Stadium in Kohimarama to compete other schools around the manaiakalani cluster. We went there by bus and there were 3 teams that came with us the yr6, yr 7 and our team the yr8’s there were 2 yr 8 teams and we all had coaches the yr6’s had Mrs Atuahiva the yr7’s had my mum marryan and the yr8’s had Mrs Tiana and Mrs Tofa.

We arrived at the stadium and when we first got there I felt nervous because there were a lot of schools that are good. When we all got inside it was massive and then we saw seat’s for us. We went to the top row and when I looked down I made me even nervous because when you are playing everyone can see you and when you make a mistake it feels embarrassing.

The yr6’s team went to go to their game first and our whole school was cheering for them and it was cool. Whenever they get a goal we cheer and when the other team misses we encourage them to do better but the yr6’s team won from our school they won against rotoportaka. Then it was the yr7’s turn to play. When they got on we also cheered for them the yr7’s team was good also the other team which was Tamaki primary the school that we are friends with so we cheered for them to.

But then it was our turn the yr8’s I was feeling really nervous because people were looking at us but on the other side we have our school cheering and I felt happy. We were playing against ruapotaka and we served first. Lucky we got the first point that we served. Then we served again and we missed but it was ok we were just getting started. We played and played and played and then we won we didn't know what the points were but we didn't care at least we won and we were good winniers not bad winners. I really liked it when we won because it is a great feeling so then we finished and went for toilet break.

Than we went back to our seat’s and had a rest. I started eating but then the teacher said “ don’t eat to much we got another game soon”. We all finished eating then some of the Tamaki primary student’s came to sit next to us and we all were watching the games that schools were playing. We cheered for all the schools then we had to say goodbye because we had our game next.

We were versing Glen innes and I felt excited since we won the other game and then I had the energy to play again. We served to them and they did miss but what they did is that they digged it than gave it to the front then setted it up to the right side of the person and spiked. That was the only team the has ever spiked on us then they keeped on the repeating the pattern and unfortunately we lost against them and went back up disappointed but Mrs tiana said “ don’t be like that yous guys did great”.

We made a huge success because 3 teams came first which was the yr6 , 7, and year 8 team  but the other yr8 team came 3rd which is a huge accomplishment for our school. I feel so happy the we at least came something especially 1st I wish in the future we could go again to the volleyball tournament.

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

My reflection about teaching room 9

This morning I went to room 9 to teach them about the brain nervous system.
I really liked them because they were active listers and every time we called
their name they will respond nicely to me and my other two friends who are
kue'a and stanisloe. 

We first talked about what is the brain, what is a brain nervous system and
also how many parts of the brain there are. But they all said
" Nah that's boring" but then I told them "after talking about these we will play kahoot.
Then they started listening to my friends and me. 
We said every time you get it right you get a point also I said:
"whoever is first I mean the most points they get a treat" when
I was only joking.

But now it came to the end and we said " Get ready for kahoot "
Than they started getting ready and doing all their stuff. 
So we played and played different games created by our other classmates
and every time they play I feel like they are getting smarter and smarter
because they weren't getting any questions wrong.

I feel good because It's my 5th time actually teaching kids like room 9
I really loved it they were active listeners. I felt respected like I was a role model
I really hope in the future I could teach that class again.

Monday, 1 April 2019

The things what plant's has!!!

If you don't know these words it's Ok I don't even know what they are but
I just write them because I know them. But anyway these names
are what plant's have.


Friday, 29 March 2019

Maths work!!!

This is my maths work that I have 
been working on sence the last 5 days
This is how hard I have been working
to get my work

Thursday, 28 March 2019

Compare and Contrast

Today I was working on my compare and contrast. The topic was about an elderly man who heard about the shootings in Christchurch. He felt very sad about what had happened to the Muslims, he has been through hardship before hardship before he couldn’t sleep most nights. His wife passed away 15 years ago, and his daughter who was born blind but was talented at yoga died recently. He is suffering through what happened.

He wanted to go to he city so he could do the march. It took him 3 busses, and on his way through the march, the police helped him get through.
When he got home he felt glad that he got to participate the march with others and kids. He said “ We all go through our furnace in certain ways and some of the things that happen to us will make you more understanding, I hope.”

My compare and contrast  < link to my work

Thank you!

Decimals with Mrs Tofa

What I learnt to today is decimals. Our whole class was taking a lesson with Mrs tofa. She told us where does the decimal point is, told us how much power does the the decimal point does and also she told us were a the placings of them like I said. she also told us the place values of where the decimal point goes.

Here's a image where the decimals are placed in it's order. So you have ones, tenths, hundredths and so on than on the right side you have tenths hundredths thousandths and so on. This is how much power the decimal point has. So your looking at $456788 but if you put the decimal point between 4.56788 that will basically be $4 and 60c so now I know were the decimal is placed and also the power it has.
Image result for image of decimal point

Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Kiwi can!!

Today I went to kiwi can with room 7. We went to room 11 to do it the kiwi can teacher which was Miss Peho she told us to get into a circle and talk about what we learnt last week Tuesday. My class mate Maya said " We learnt to question the question and not question the person so their will be no fight's. We were talking about that and then we went straight into our energiser which as called musical cones.

So how you play is that there are cones spread ed around the class room or anywhere where you are playing. So then you have to play music and when the music stop's you gotta quickly try and get the cone before the others do like a 1 v 1 when there is a cone in front of you you got to try get the cone before that person and others. But the round will get harder because you take cones out from the circle. 

We had a lot of rounds of that and it was a lot of fun too. When we finished the game Miss Peho asked again " what did we learn last week Tuesday " and again my class mate said it. We also had a new topic called Friend ship. We talked about what is friend ship and then we got into our catchphrase which is you go like this. So clap like 1 2 3 but on the third clap you do the clap side ways so like two straight and 1 side but fast a little. Thisis how it goes " kiwi can kiwi can kiwi can says" than repeat " we are friends" than repeat than " on a ship" repeat again than " put ti altogether" repeat " friend ship" it ir really cool and I love it

Image result for kiwi canI really like it because it is fun and I love it