Friday, 29 March 2019

Maths work!!!

This is my maths work that I have 
been working on sence the last 5 days
This is how hard I have been working
to get my work

Thursday, 28 March 2019

Compare and Contrast

Today I was working on my compare and contrast. The topic was about an elderly man who heard about the shootings in Christchurch. He felt very sad about what had happened to the Muslims, he has been through hardship before hardship before he couldn’t sleep most nights. His wife passed away 15 years ago, and his daughter who was born blind but was talented at yoga died recently. He is suffering through what happened.

He wanted to go to he city so he could do the march. It took him 3 busses, and on his way through the march, the police helped him get through.
When he got home he felt glad that he got to participate the march with others and kids. He said “ We all go through our furnace in certain ways and some of the things that happen to us will make you more understanding, I hope.”

My compare and contrast  < link to my work

Thank you!

Decimals with Mrs Tofa

What I learnt to today is decimals. Our whole class was taking a lesson with Mrs tofa. She told us where does the decimal point is, told us how much power does the the decimal point does and also she told us were a the placings of them like I said. she also told us the place values of where the decimal point goes.

Here's a image where the decimals are placed in it's order. So you have ones, tenths, hundredths and so on than on the right side you have tenths hundredths thousandths and so on. This is how much power the decimal point has. So your looking at $456788 but if you put the decimal point between 4.56788 that will basically be $4 and 60c so now I know were the decimal is placed and also the power it has.
Image result for image of decimal point

Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Kiwi can!!

Today I went to kiwi can with room 7. We went to room 11 to do it the kiwi can teacher which was Miss Peho she told us to get into a circle and talk about what we learnt last week Tuesday. My class mate Maya said " We learnt to question the question and not question the person so their will be no fight's. We were talking about that and then we went straight into our energiser which as called musical cones.

So how you play is that there are cones spread ed around the class room or anywhere where you are playing. So then you have to play music and when the music stop's you gotta quickly try and get the cone before the others do like a 1 v 1 when there is a cone in front of you you got to try get the cone before that person and others. But the round will get harder because you take cones out from the circle. 

We had a lot of rounds of that and it was a lot of fun too. When we finished the game Miss Peho asked again " what did we learn last week Tuesday " and again my class mate said it. We also had a new topic called Friend ship. We talked about what is friend ship and then we got into our catchphrase which is you go like this. So clap like 1 2 3 but on the third clap you do the clap side ways so like two straight and 1 side but fast a little. Thisis how it goes " kiwi can kiwi can kiwi can says" than repeat " we are friends" than repeat than " on a ship" repeat again than " put ti altogether" repeat " friend ship" it ir really cool and I love it

Image result for kiwi canI really like it because it is fun and I love it

Friday, 22 March 2019


This is information of Matilda I picked her because she is very smart I really like her because she is funny.

Tennis week 4

Yesterday I went to tennis in room 7 around 10:20 we went there to learn how to play tennis. We all sat down on the courts and waited for him to tell what to do. he asked for a volunteer and a friend of mine named Candice went. He said " So what we are gonna work on diagonal passes to your partner.

We did like a lot of those then he said " swap over to the person behind you" but there was no one behind me so then I carried on. I was practising practising practising till I got tired than I gave it to the person on the other side well I have a rest. I had a long rest so I't got boring waiting so I picked up the spot's and started flipping it like I have pancakes.

We were on the last task when we have to hit it to your partner and make sure you hit it back to them. He said, " we are doing point's now". So it's like when you hit it to your partner that will be one then hit it back that will be 2 all the way up to four than to 6 to 8 to 10 then. My partner and I managed to get up to 8 and it was hard then he stopped us and started talking to us and then he said " sorry guys but this is the end of today and make sure you will be better when you come next time see you next week and have a great weekend.

I wish tennis could be every day because it is a spot and I love sport's and I reckon that sports is the best part of the school and learning too.

Thursday, 21 March 2019

3 parts of the brains you should know about!!!

To day a teacher came to our class and was talking about the brain.
I din't get some words but as she moved on I started to get it.
I learnt a lot of things from this lady and some of the things she said
I didn't know about until she told me. I really Loved it and it was really fun.

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

My first career

My heart Word find

Let's see if Y'all can find any of these words. But some of them are hard and some of them are easy.  I am telling if you think it is easy and the word Mitral might be hard.
But if you think it is not then to try and look for that word first. 

Heres the link. when u find it you must colour it the same colour as the word. 

You would have to make a copy so that you don't ruin the word find for others.

Tuesday, 19 March 2019


After 9:15 Room 7 and I went to tennis on the courts. We all had to get a partner because the coach said. When we went to the courts we could see that the courts filled with different stuff. We saw tennis rackits, tennis balls, the spot's on the floor and cones. we went to them and he said to practise on your hitting the ball we did a lot of those than to the next task.

Then we went to serve the ball and we had to serve it diagonally
and it was kind of hard. When we hit the ball we have to hit it soft and every time we hit it hard it will go away. I was tired running back and forth but luckily wee switched so I had my rest PHEWW

When we finished hitting the ball we did the same thing but we had to hit the ball at the cone. But the cone was close so I thought that it will be easy and I said  "it won't be that hard" but it was hard to like really hard. The hard bit was that we had to hit the ball softly again and try and hit the ball and I was wrong it was not easy it was hard. we did some of those than the last task.

Image result for tennis transparent

Brain system and brain nervous system!!!

We were watching a video in our class and we learnt that
how the brain nervous system works and 
how our brain feels pain and also shows that what
we learnt!!


After lunch, we went to the hall to go to a dancing club. We went there and I like it in the hall because it has a lot of space to dance. The teacher said " we are going to look at some dance moves from the 1900s too the 2000 and they were cool I really liked the 1950's because the moves were awesome.

So she said that " we need to pick one and turn it to your own moves. So I picked 1950's and my friends joined me they are Saia, Aj and Tui. We made dance moves with 8 counts and within those 8 counts we needed to make up our own moves and when we made our own dance moves we out a lot of thought's into it and it turns out great.

It was time to show what our team did so we danced and this is how it goes. First, we jump over each other by bending down to the floor than me and my friend Aj does the jazzy splits and then My friend Saia goes on the ground and I go on his back and backflip off it. It is scary but I am used to it because I do it all the time.

I wanna do dancing again which will happen but I want it to be every day like every day.

Kiwi can!!!

 In the morning room, 7  and I went to kiwi in room 11 around 10:15. When we got in the kiwi can teacher said: " come in room 10 and sit in a circle". We all sat in a circle and she asked us " what did u guys learn from last week" and ngakiri said " we learnt about positive communication" then we got into a game.

We played a game called cone. It's when the person says head, shoulders, knees, toes, eyes, ears, mouth and nose than the person will say cone than the 2 people will battle each other who can get the cone the fastest. We had a couple of rounds than we finished. 

We straight away went to " what does co-operation mean". My friend said " It means we can be a team and we can active anything" and she said, " yeah so like it means when you have a goal and u want to archive if you can because you can believe in your self" then we went to our activity.

The kiwi can teacher said "for our activity we will be doing is that we will have 20 seconds to discuss your plan on how to make an object that I say you make it" she said " make a square" but then she said "without talking or moving just do it" we had a couple rounds as the rounds went it got harder and harder.

I really like kiwi can because I reckon I it is the best thing to do at school will work of course but I like kiwi can better.

Statistical Investigation

This is my Statistical Investigation about what country won the most rugby world cup from the
last 10 years?

Friday, 15 March 2019

Food tech!!!

This morning I went to tech with the year 8's from room 7. 
We went to Tamaki collage to do food tech we went
to our classes and we went with a very kind lady her name was Misses Heka
she is a wonderful teacher she makes I think one of the delicious food.
We made chopsui but with no meat no vegetable. We added broccoli, Peas, chopsui and capsikin

Here the photo of the chopsui

Tuesday, 12 March 2019


Toitoi is a book full of other kids writings and other kids drawing. Toitoi is most likely the most interesting book I have ever read.

PWC - The meaning of PWC is Price water house coopers. A lady named sharlotte came up with the idea of making Toitoi. She heard that one of her sons said that " books are boring" the she said " what do you want" The son said " I wanna read books from other children" so she came up with Toitoi

The most favorite story I liked was A Narrow Escape by Nathan Tims who is a boy and he is 12 years old. The story was about him and his friend running away from the bear. The funny part was that his friend punched the bears face and the bear run away and he said "hey Butt face" I laughed hard out hahahaha.

I actually love the book, the story, the pictures they are so cool. I just can't wait for new ones to come out or I might try and publish my writing on Toitoi too. 

Monday, 11 March 2019

My scariest experience around water

My scariest experience around water is probably when I was 8 or 9 years old. So my family and I went to a beach called Pt England beach. The reason why we went there it’s because we were celebrating my 8th or 9th birthday. The beach had big rocks where you can bomb, little 2 rock pools, and many more. I really liked that beach because of the 2 rocks pools it was relaxing and quiet cold too.

So here is where it began. When I was bombing around the rocks my cousin said “come it's not deep the tide is out we can bomb” so I took a look at the beach and I saw the tide coming in. So then I just sat there waiting to see if the tide is really coming out. But no it was coming in. Then my cousin said “I will catch you I promise” she did catch me so the next jump and jump and jump I felt confident that I could swim by myself.

But as soon as I jumped I saw that it was deep so then I tried to fake it but I fell in and I couldn’t swim. I was drowning then this random boy said “grab my hand” but his hand was far away he was on the rocks when I was like 10 meters away from and the reason why he couldn’t jump in is that he was in dry clothes. But a man the boy's dad jumped in and saved me from drowning. When I got out I was shaking I felt like I don't wanna go in the water anymore because I was so scared. 

So then he took me to my mum and dad siting to next to he tree and said “thank you for what you did” and then the man said, ”Oh it's ok I just heard my son say grab my hand so I freaked out”. So then I said “ Thank you  Thank you Thank you very much for saving my life. I am truly grateful and I hope the lord almighty will bless you and your family.

Friday, 8 March 2019

Making Lentils Curry

This morning the year 8's went to tech fro room 7 to make food. When we arrived we got a bit late because we didn't know where to go. When we got in side the teacher said we are making Lentils Curry it is a deilous food it tasted so nice. When I took my first bite it felt good and i loved it. I wish i could make this dish again in the future and really wish that it could give me the same taste as last time.

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

A good role model

A good role model is a person that shows kindness and also never gives up. Some role models take leader ship and also there are not afraid to be unique They make good choices they make there selves smart and also they are always confident. Role models are so kind that teachers even like them.

Good role models are responsible to others and do good things like for an example. They help people to solve problem's and they also can be imitate you to be one of them. An role can make people do the right thing and also to follow them.

Kiwi can!!!

This morning I left to kiwi around 10:35. We went outside next to the wall we were walking our way down we saw the little kids walk out if the room because they just finished their kiwi can. We were there and Mr ulupati was out and said " good morning room 7" and we said good morning back. When we went to the room and we went in and sat in a circle. When we sat in the circle the kiwi can teacher told us that we had a new topic and it was called Co-operation. We played a game when we were talking about Co-operation.

The game was called Ninja So how you play is that you need your hands and seed so you will have to say NINNNJAAA than after you say that you go around in the circle and then you try and hit their hand but you miss you leave it where you missed it but if you hit it the hand will go down.

When we finish that game and the we started talking about Co-operation.the teacher said what does Co-operation means we all said "Co-operation is when you understand people, feedback, itis also when you agree on things and disagree and things too. We kept on talking about that than we played a game for our activity. Our activity game was called king and queen. The game was called king and queen so how you play is that there are 2 teams 1 team is on the side with the balls and there are only 7 balls but what you do is that you run to the other side tell their is a boy and queen and if it happens they will be crowned king and queen. It is simaliar to bull rush but differnt. I won to be king and we ran out of time for the girls  but i was happy that i won because i really did doge good hit's.

I really like kiwi can because it is a really cool program for kids in school. I really wish that kiwi can be every day.

Jannie day

Today I was learning about being discomfort when you are around your friends
and family. We were first talking about what discomfort means.
She told us what do you think discomfort means she also said work it
out with the person next to you. So my partner was Siosaia. When
we were thinking about this word thinking hard like really hard. We said
being uncomfortable but then Jannie said “ There is a rule that when you are
thinking about what you're trying to think what it means you are not allowed to use the
word comfort. So then Jannie said, “ what do you think about this word ”.

Then Said and I went like this “ discomfort means that when you are in a relaxing spot
then someone tells you to move then your out of the relaxing zone.
So we said it Jannie said “ it kind of like that”. Then people got ideas about how
I and Saia said it. Then Jannie said “ I will make you be in an uncomfort place.
Then she said “ I will make you sit like a boy, girl, boy, girl. We sat next to the boy, girl,
boy, girl “do you feel that you're in that uncomfort place” said Jannie.
But I used to it because I was sitting attached to my friend which
was a girl and my sister with me. 

Then the second topic Jannie was talking about conversations with people in your
class, with your friends, and your family members. She was thinking about the
word conversation in the middle and that our brains are in there too.
When she was finishing doing that she said “ face to your partner and think about
what does conservation means. My sister and I were talking.
And my sister said that conversation means “ when you are talking with each
other and laughing with each other that is what I think was a conversation ”.
Then Jannie rang the bell and said “ does anyone have any ideas
of what conversations means” then my sister put her thumbs on her knees
and then she said it.

She also was talking about what is a To and fro and also chain linking.
We all didn’t know what it means but I took a wild guess and said
“ I think it means To and from Jannie said yes you are right.
Then she told us from partners read out what it says on the board
said Jannie and this is what it said for the chain linking topic
” When we were at the compost bin yesterday, we saw a lot of crickets” 
Then the other one slide said “ That is because it is warm and there’s food. 

Then she told us to figure out the To then me and my sister and I were thinking
and then 13 seconds later I found out one.
There aren’t usually that much in there do you want to check it out.
Then Jannie said to add more and I ran out of ideas. Then she made up
her own fantastic To. That’s what mum just said because they might be
mating before the winter. She did say that the crickets hate winter because
they die from the frosting ice. Then she said “ moving to the next topic.

The third topic was getting along with others. But we went for fitness a
5-minute run and I was coming first. When we finished that we went
straight to the topic getting along with others. She said close you're and think
about what are you doing to be getting along with others.
When we were all thinking and then Jannie rang the bell and said again
“ what were you think about getting along with others and not that many
thumps went on the knees. So ten Jannie
“ Ummm teachers can you pick a child's name and they picked everyone
and then it was my turn.

I said “ getting along with others is like when you include others if they
have no friend and bond with each other to get to know each other then
you will talk about yourself and then they will talk about them.
Then she showed us a video of what friends ship looks like.
There were these kids writing points on their hand I didn’t quite see
but I saw these

Quotes don’t fight over silly things, don't judge people by their looks,
respect each other, love is stronger than hate, Don’t pre-judge, help others to
build more confident, smile often, you not look good trying to make other
people look bad, those who judge will never understand and those who don’t
judge will understand. So when you feel left out just ask people if you can join
them because you will have no one to talk to also no one to play with so it is
always important to be able to talk to people

I feel generous that Jannie came to room 7 because it really is a gift because
she taught us how to talk in a conversation and not only that she is a really smart lady.
When I am thinking about her in my mind I could imagine that she is still talking
to us about the topics. So that how I feel about when Jannie was here for the lesson.

My Acrostic poem

Respectful child
Enjoying trying their best
Self contorl
Is always on task
Like to be kind to people
Enjoys playing with their friends
Never give up
Copying with challenges and getting back up
Encourages people to

My vocabulary.

Sorry I can not post my work on my blog because If i copy and paste it it will go out like it always does. But here's the link were you can look at it.
The link to my fabulous work
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Monday, 4 March 2019

Compare and contrast about Me,Me and Me

Here is a link about Me,Me and Me click it and it will show you what are the similarities and the differences between them. But the book was on a school journal.
Image result for MeMe and Me    by Renata Hopkins