Tuesday, 19 March 2019


After 9:15 Room 7 and I went to tennis on the courts. We all had to get a partner because the coach said. When we went to the courts we could see that the courts filled with different stuff. We saw tennis rackits, tennis balls, the spot's on the floor and cones. we went to them and he said to practise on your hitting the ball we did a lot of those than to the next task.

Then we went to serve the ball and we had to serve it diagonally
and it was kind of hard. When we hit the ball we have to hit it soft and every time we hit it hard it will go away. I was tired running back and forth but luckily wee switched so I had my rest PHEWW

When we finished hitting the ball we did the same thing but we had to hit the ball at the cone. But the cone was close so I thought that it will be easy and I said  "it won't be that hard" but it was hard to like really hard. The hard bit was that we had to hit the ball softly again and try and hit the ball and I was wrong it was not easy it was hard. we did some of those than the last task.

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