Friday, 22 March 2019

Tennis week 4

Yesterday I went to tennis in room 7 around 10:20 we went there to learn how to play tennis. We all sat down on the courts and waited for him to tell what to do. he asked for a volunteer and a friend of mine named Candice went. He said " So what we are gonna work on diagonal passes to your partner.

We did like a lot of those then he said " swap over to the person behind you" but there was no one behind me so then I carried on. I was practising practising practising till I got tired than I gave it to the person on the other side well I have a rest. I had a long rest so I't got boring waiting so I picked up the spot's and started flipping it like I have pancakes.

We were on the last task when we have to hit it to your partner and make sure you hit it back to them. He said, " we are doing point's now". So it's like when you hit it to your partner that will be one then hit it back that will be 2 all the way up to four than to 6 to 8 to 10 then. My partner and I managed to get up to 8 and it was hard then he stopped us and started talking to us and then he said " sorry guys but this is the end of today and make sure you will be better when you come next time see you next week and have a great weekend.

I wish tennis could be every day because it is a spot and I love sport's and I reckon that sports is the best part of the school and learning too.

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