Tuesday, 19 March 2019


After lunch, we went to the hall to go to a dancing club. We went there and I like it in the hall because it has a lot of space to dance. The teacher said " we are going to look at some dance moves from the 1900s too the 2000 and they were cool I really liked the 1950's because the moves were awesome.

So she said that " we need to pick one and turn it to your own moves. So I picked 1950's and my friends joined me they are Saia, Aj and Tui. We made dance moves with 8 counts and within those 8 counts we needed to make up our own moves and when we made our own dance moves we out a lot of thought's into it and it turns out great.

It was time to show what our team did so we danced and this is how it goes. First, we jump over each other by bending down to the floor than me and my friend Aj does the jazzy splits and then My friend Saia goes on the ground and I go on his back and backflip off it. It is scary but I am used to it because I do it all the time.

I wanna do dancing again which will happen but I want it to be every day like every day.

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