Monday, 11 March 2019

My scariest experience around water

My scariest experience around water is probably when I was 8 or 9 years old. So my family and I went to a beach called Pt England beach. The reason why we went there it’s because we were celebrating my 8th or 9th birthday. The beach had big rocks where you can bomb, little 2 rock pools, and many more. I really liked that beach because of the 2 rocks pools it was relaxing and quiet cold too.

So here is where it began. When I was bombing around the rocks my cousin said “come it's not deep the tide is out we can bomb” so I took a look at the beach and I saw the tide coming in. So then I just sat there waiting to see if the tide is really coming out. But no it was coming in. Then my cousin said “I will catch you I promise” she did catch me so the next jump and jump and jump I felt confident that I could swim by myself.

But as soon as I jumped I saw that it was deep so then I tried to fake it but I fell in and I couldn’t swim. I was drowning then this random boy said “grab my hand” but his hand was far away he was on the rocks when I was like 10 meters away from and the reason why he couldn’t jump in is that he was in dry clothes. But a man the boy's dad jumped in and saved me from drowning. When I got out I was shaking I felt like I don't wanna go in the water anymore because I was so scared. 

So then he took me to my mum and dad siting to next to he tree and said “thank you for what you did” and then the man said, ”Oh it's ok I just heard my son say grab my hand so I freaked out”. So then I said “ Thank you  Thank you Thank you very much for saving my life. I am truly grateful and I hope the lord almighty will bless you and your family.

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