Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Jannie day

Today I was learning about being discomfort when you are around your friends
and family. We were first talking about what discomfort means.
She told us what do you think discomfort means she also said work it
out with the person next to you. So my partner was Siosaia. When
we were thinking about this word thinking hard like really hard. We said
being uncomfortable but then Jannie said “ There is a rule that when you are
thinking about what you're trying to think what it means you are not allowed to use the
word comfort. So then Jannie said, “ what do you think about this word ”.

Then Said and I went like this “ discomfort means that when you are in a relaxing spot
then someone tells you to move then your out of the relaxing zone.
So we said it Jannie said “ it kind of like that”. Then people got ideas about how
I and Saia said it. Then Jannie said “ I will make you be in an uncomfort place.
Then she said “ I will make you sit like a boy, girl, boy, girl. We sat next to the boy, girl,
boy, girl “do you feel that you're in that uncomfort place” said Jannie.
But I used to it because I was sitting attached to my friend which
was a girl and my sister with me. 

Then the second topic Jannie was talking about conversations with people in your
class, with your friends, and your family members. She was thinking about the
word conversation in the middle and that our brains are in there too.
When she was finishing doing that she said “ face to your partner and think about
what does conservation means. My sister and I were talking.
And my sister said that conversation means “ when you are talking with each
other and laughing with each other that is what I think was a conversation ”.
Then Jannie rang the bell and said “ does anyone have any ideas
of what conversations means” then my sister put her thumbs on her knees
and then she said it.

She also was talking about what is a To and fro and also chain linking.
We all didn’t know what it means but I took a wild guess and said
“ I think it means To and from Jannie said yes you are right.
Then she told us from partners read out what it says on the board
said Jannie and this is what it said for the chain linking topic
” When we were at the compost bin yesterday, we saw a lot of crickets” 
Then the other one slide said “ That is because it is warm and there’s food. 

Then she told us to figure out the To then me and my sister and I were thinking
and then 13 seconds later I found out one.
There aren’t usually that much in there do you want to check it out.
Then Jannie said to add more and I ran out of ideas. Then she made up
her own fantastic To. That’s what mum just said because they might be
mating before the winter. She did say that the crickets hate winter because
they die from the frosting ice. Then she said “ moving to the next topic.

The third topic was getting along with others. But we went for fitness a
5-minute run and I was coming first. When we finished that we went
straight to the topic getting along with others. She said close you're and think
about what are you doing to be getting along with others.
When we were all thinking and then Jannie rang the bell and said again
“ what were you think about getting along with others and not that many
thumps went on the knees. So ten Jannie
“ Ummm teachers can you pick a child's name and they picked everyone
and then it was my turn.

I said “ getting along with others is like when you include others if they
have no friend and bond with each other to get to know each other then
you will talk about yourself and then they will talk about them.
Then she showed us a video of what friends ship looks like.
There were these kids writing points on their hand I didn’t quite see
but I saw these

Quotes don’t fight over silly things, don't judge people by their looks,
respect each other, love is stronger than hate, Don’t pre-judge, help others to
build more confident, smile often, you not look good trying to make other
people look bad, those who judge will never understand and those who don’t
judge will understand. So when you feel left out just ask people if you can join
them because you will have no one to talk to also no one to play with so it is
always important to be able to talk to people

I feel generous that Jannie came to room 7 because it really is a gift because
she taught us how to talk in a conversation and not only that she is a really smart lady.
When I am thinking about her in my mind I could imagine that she is still talking
to us about the topics. So that how I feel about when Jannie was here for the lesson.

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  1. This was super long, but that is what I like about it, you got so much ideas. keep up the good work.

    By viliami