Tuesday, 12 March 2019


Toitoi is a book full of other kids writings and other kids drawing. Toitoi is most likely the most interesting book I have ever read.

PWC - The meaning of PWC is Price water house coopers. A lady named sharlotte came up with the idea of making Toitoi. She heard that one of her sons said that " books are boring" the she said " what do you want" The son said " I wanna read books from other children" so she came up with Toitoi

The most favorite story I liked was A Narrow Escape by Nathan Tims who is a boy and he is 12 years old. The story was about him and his friend running away from the bear. The funny part was that his friend punched the bears face and the bear run away and he said "hey Butt face" I laughed hard out hahahaha.

I actually love the book, the story, the pictures they are so cool. I just can't wait for new ones to come out or I might try and publish my writing on Toitoi too. 

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