Friday, 16 August 2019

Technology wood

I chose to make a mirror frame made with wood and a mirror, and itś for me, this is the best choice because you don't need to go in your bathroom and look in the mirror there, when you can look at your own mirror for yourself and others.

This will be used in the lounge were it will sit on top of the t.v table, were it is seen and were it is safe so my younger sisters, and brothers won't be able to, to touch or eat it. This will also be used for our hair so we can look, and were my mum can do her makeup when she goes out.

I will need to consider putting the mirror in a high place, like I said so my brothers and sisters don't touch it, or eat it, and also make sure that it doesn fall, and make it attractive.


  1. Hi Mathew! My name is Drew I love the fact that you build I love building too keep the great work up.

  2. I like your story because I like wood works too

  3. Hi Mathew!
    I'm Annelise from Otaki College, and I think your post is really cool. I like woodwork too, its interesting and there is room for creativity.
    Feel free to visit my blog at
    Annelise :)