Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Genomics:What’s inside a cell?

Whats inside a cell?

What’s inside cells?
As I said in cells are many things but inside a cell is but what i know is that
is nucleus. At first I thought it looked like neurons but no.

This is the size of the a cell in real life but they might be smaller than the other.
Some cells are different sizes but they are not big,
Image result for blood cells image transparent
Here is a image on what a blood cell looks like. 
They look like little pills but not pills there are living
building blocks living inside you

So inside cells are a lot of things. It has Smooth ER, cytoplasm, Rough ER, centrosome and many more. 

What is a cell?
A cell is like little pills but in a circle shape. It is and organism in your body but what cells do is 
that they are little building blocks of all living things. They provide the structure for our body
and take nutrients from other foods or foods
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