Monday, 29 July 2019

Being sunsmart

Being sunsmart by Mathew 

Being out in the sun too long can really damage your skin and when your skin
damages it hurts and it’s called sunburnt. Sunburnt is really sore and painful
and soon you’ll get skin cancer. That’s why we need to protect skin, arms, and neck.
That’s why we need to get the needs to protect ourselves from the harmful UV
rays or it can lead us to death.

To be SunSmart you need to slip, slop, slap, seek and slide and learn it off by heart.
Firstly, you need to slip on some long sleeve so it can protect your arm.
Long sleeves are good because it protects both of your arms?
 and if not then it can cause skin cancer or melanoma.

Secondly, slop on some sunscreen try using SPF of 30 or higher because
you might have a higher chance of saving your skin and many other parts too.

Thirdly, slap on a hat because when you wear a hat it can protect your neck.
If you don’t wear a hat you will also get melanoma and skin cancer from the
UV rays and, also when you don’t wear your hat you might get hair loss if you
put to much stress because of that pulling.

Fourthly, seeking for shade is really good because it can protect your whole
entire body and the shade can also be really relaxing for your body. If we don’t
have shade or any more shelter your body will be exposed to the UV rays and
end up getting skin cancer and getting scared to go to places. 

Lastly, slide on some sunglasses because the most important job to protect is
your eyes. But when we wear sunglasses it will protect your eyes from the UV
rays, also when you are playing or doing something the sun will not interfere
because the sunglasses are protecting your eyes.

Being SunSmart is the most important thing you need to do when it comes to the sun,
because if you know these off by heart you and, if you want to follow these
instructions and you know the 5 S’s then you will never ever get sunburnt, skin
cancer or even melanoma.

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