Tuesday, 19 December 2017

SLJ Week 1, Day 1

Three facts about Maui

1. he wasn't a god his whole life
2. the god maui on moana and maui is off from the rocks grandfather. Maui in the story Maui and the fish is quite different. He was weak and wanted to be a fisherman.
3. maui's brother is a fisher men and they don't think that he is strong enough to help so they kept leaving him behind.

I like watching things about Maui. There are lots of legends about him.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

pizza fractions

being sunsmart

Why do we need to be sunsmart?
So that we can’t get skin cancer
And it won't damage our skin and
And mols

What can we do to protect our skin?
Where hats and sunscreen and wear long clothes

And slip slop slap and wrap

Wednesday, 18 October 2017



When alex richie and i went to panit ball with these other people from skids and when they first saw all the places they felt excited. We first put on our amour and mask but alex had trouble so i helped him then we needed gas for the panit ball gun.And we were ready to go to one of the places.
Image result for lock n load the graboneImage result for lock n load paintball grabone
We first went to a cow boy place and the course was capture the flag. And i was in the bule team and and alex was in the red team and richie was in blue teamwith me then the refere said 3 2 1 go and then we started. I went to go and try and get the flag but i got shot by someone and it was pain full it feels like geting bited by a dog so i quickly run back safely. Then a person from the other team took the flag and we lost so we went hard mode the hard mode is that the team takes the flag and take it across the emeny’s team. So then we played the i shot the person who tryed to take the flag and then he droped it then i went to take it then i got shot then alex took it and his team won.
Image result for lock n load the bus and the trainImage result for lock n load the bus and the trainImage result for lock n load the bus and the train

Our last game was at the bus and the train because each player has 200 bullet in one tank and som of the people’s bullet’s were tipping so then we had rules. 1 is if that anyone shoot’s some one from the bus to the train or train to bus then they win. 2 is that if you run over to the enemy’s place then you win and 3rd is that is you get shot then you resown to your own base. Then we started playing these people were ruining in a branch and they didn’t know that there were other enemy’s behind them. So they got shot then i went to run inside will they are  still getting shot so i run inside then i shot lot’s of people then i went inside then i won for our team.  I love paint ball because it was so fun and i really liked the course my favourite place was the train and the bus and i really really want to go back there

i wrote this because other people wan't to go paint ball so this is why i wrote this thank you

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Dog handlers

Today glenbrae school went to the courts and it was scary! It was scary because a dog bit a man but not in real life the man was wearing a sleeve. It was a German Shepard named Kase had a sore back so they shave his back and then put a injection on his back.

There was a handler named Collin he was the boss for the dog and the German Shepard are good trackers.And the man told us question's and some of them were funny.And he told him to speak and he did he told him to sit and he did.So he 

can do anything what Collin say's.And at the end we get to pet it and it was beautiful and nice so then we went back to class  

i feel happy that i will be a police officers and it will be cool because i think the i can help the police and catch some bad guys 

Friday, 22 September 2017

tamaki regeneration house blessing

On Friday the year 6's from room 8 went to the new houses next to fenchurch street. The reason why we went to
 the new houses was because we were invited to the two houses that were getting blessed by a kaumatua. He was he one that blessed the two houses. we also saw a lot of people that came to the blessing. we were the first people from Glenbrae  to walk through the houses.

we had a chance to go inside the house and it was amazing. it was built beautifully and it was a two story house and it was fun. It had 16 stairs and there was two bathrooms and three bedroom's and it was so fun .

I felt happy because it was my first time walking inside a new house and i really liked it


Image result for tamaki regeneration house blessing    

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Dazzling Decimals 1

     Dazzling Decimals
We are learning to add up to three decimal places

What is 1/10 as a decimal?0.1

What is 6/10 as a decimal?0.6

What is 7/100 as a decimal?0.07

What is 18/100 as a decimal?0.18

What is 1/1000 as a decimal?0.001

What is 8/1000 as a decimal?0.008

What is 244/1000 as a decimal?0.244

What is 55/100 as decimal?0.54

What is 12/1000 as a decimal?0.012

1.5 + 0.4 =1.9

0.6 + 0.3 =0.9

0.6 + 0.9 =1.5

1.7 + 2.5 =4.3

2.7 + 0.6 =3.4

1/10 + 0.47 =0.57

5/100 + 0.21 =0.30

0.45 + 0.42 =0.87

0.56 + 0.17 =0.73

0.67 + 0.91 =1.78

0.555 + 0.014 =0.569

Dazzling Decimals 2

      Dazzling Decimals
We are learning to add and subtract up to three decimal places

What is 244/1000 as a decimal?0.244

What is 55/100 as decimal?0.55

What is 12/1000 as a decimal?0.0012

1.5 + 0.4 =1.9

0.6 + 0.9 =1.5

1.7 + 2.5 = 4.2

2.7 + 0.6 =3.4

1/10 + 0.47=0.57

5/100 + 0.25 = 0.30

0.45 + 0.42 =0.87

0.56 + 0.17 =0.73

0.67 + 0.91 =1.78

0.555 + 0.014 =0.569

0.9 - 0.33 =0.24

0.7 - 0.45 =0.38

0.55 - 0.45 =0.10

0.76 - 0.29 =0.53

2.5 - 0.78 =2.28

1.7 - 0.999 =1.299

0.934 - 0. 244=0.710

0.944 - 0. 119 =0.835

Dazzling Decimals 3

     Dazzling Decimals
We are learning to add and subtract up to three decimal places. We are learning to convert between fractions, decimals and percentages.

What is 244/1000 as a decimal?0.244

What is 55/100 as decimal?0.55

What is 12/1000 as a decimal? 0.012

What is ½ as a decimal?0.2

What is ¼ as a decimal?0.4

What is ⅕  as a decimal?0.5

What is ⅛ as a decimal?0.8

0.45 + 0.42 =0.87

0.56 + 0.17 =0.73

0.67 + 0.91 =1.78

0.555 + 0.014 =0.569

0.7 - 0.45 =0.38

0.55 - 0.45 =0.10

0.76 - 0.29 =0.53

2.5 - 0.78 =2.28

1.7 - 0.999 =1.299

0.934 - 0. 244=0.710

0.944 - 0. 119 =0.835

Monday, 28 August 2017


Image result for kiwi can

Friday 25th August the yr6's from room 8 went to kiwi can with the room 10 we had kiwi can and we have a them and a topic the topic is self control and we need to talk about it and how we can control our negative emotion and positive emotion and then we move on to the theme which is resilience we also have a game after we talk about the theme the game we played was a fun game.

This is how you play you need one ball and you have to make a circle but standing up and you toes has to touch the other person’s toes and then you try and roll the ball between the person legs and if it’s goes under then you are out and then join with the next person’s toes and keep on playing and here are the rules.
  1. You can only use one hand and put the other hand at the back
  2. You can block with one hand if the ball comes to you
  3. You can switch hands if the other one gets tired then you can switch

and when we finish we have another game and the game was called musical bum’s it when the music plays and when it stop’s then you need to sit down but you legs folded and if you are the last one or you sit down but your are not folded then you are out and then when we finish then it is morning tea

I feel happy because it is fun and i wish if we can have it every day

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Famous New Zealander from History

         Famous New Zealander from History
Pick a famous New Zealander from any time in history, for example Sir Edmund Hilary or Hone Heke. Answer the questions about them and find out as much information as you can before you make the rap.

Who are they?
Sony bill William

When were they born/ when did they pass away?
3 august 1985

Where were they born/ did they live?

What are they famous for?
Rugby play’s for the all blacks

What are some of their accomplishments?
(the things that they have done)
Repainting new Zealand

Why are they a good role model for kiwis?
People look up to him

Any other information about them?
He is the best player i know
And i live in new zealand i

Know he has a great famliy


            Fantastic Fractions
We are learning to identify the relationship between equivalent fractions.

What is 1/4 of 4? 1

What is ¼ of 8? 2

What is ⅓ of 6? 2

What is 2/6 of 12? 4

What is ¼ of 20 ? 5

What is 1/10 of 20? 2

I have 5/16 of a cake at a birthday party. I keep going back for more and eat another  6/16 of a cake. What fraction of a cake have I eaten altogether?  5/16 + 6/16 = 176/256

I have 10/21 of a cake left over from the party. Then I give 6/21 of a cake to my sisters. What fraction of a cake do I have left over? 90/441

1/2 + 3/4 =  10/8

2/6 + ⅔ = 18/18

⅕ + 2/10 =  20/50

2/6 + 4/12 = 48/72

2/5 + 3/15 = 45/7

1/9 + 1/18 = 26/162

2/9 + 4/18 = 72/162

how to make a sandwich THE BEST ONE YOU COULD HAVE

How to make a sandwich
We are learning to follow the structure of a procedural text.

What you need

  1. 2 slices of Bread
  2. Cheese
  3. 1Tomato
  4. lettuce
  5. 1Egg
  6. Butter
  7. Butter knife

  1. First you will need 2 freshly cooked slice of bread bread and you put the butter on the bread
  1. Next you fry the egg and put it on the butter.
  2. Then you will need a slice of cheese a fresh cheese not rotten please.
  3. Take the butter knife and cut the tomato into 2 pieces
  4. Then the lettuce from the fridge then you put that on top of the tomato

         And then your finished

Bastion Point

 i was doing information about bastion point that they never did the same as the other so look what i have done

Thursday, 17 August 2017

m&m fraction

1/2 of 16 is eight 2x8=16
1/3 of 15 is 5 cos 5x3=15

Today at room 8 we made fractions with m&m and it was so fun in the beginning we had 16 but then we ate 1 and then we had 15 then the teacher named Miss Stone to make 1/5 of 15 and then i spilt them into 5 groups and then put three in each group then i found 5x3=15 and then I told Miss Stone and then she told us to eat them all and it was yummy

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Making Scones

We are learning to create complete sentences that contain detail.

How to make scones

Scones are an English type of bread which are very popular and they have been eaten for hundreds of years. The British upper class take their scones very seriously and follow rules about how to eat them. This recipe makes 6 small or 4 large scones.

Plain flour, for the dusting
1 ½ cups self raising flour
½ cup milk
40g butter

Wash your hands

Add the flour and butter into a big bowl. Rub it together and mix it and it will become like breadcrumbs

After add some milk slowly to not make it sticky

Then you knead the dough on a floured tray and make it into small balls.

Put the balls on a baking tray and make sure you don't touch them too much because it will make the scones tough to eat

Put the tray in the oven at 200 degrees celsius and then it will be ready to be eaten in 20-25  minute’s

Friday, 11 August 2017


i have too cool today we did  tech in room 8 and we learnt about Interior Designers. I was creating my dreaming room and it was so so fun we first we had to create the walls and then the beds and put dogs in side and stuff

Thursday, 10 August 2017

The Wharenui

This week I read about building a wharenui in reading. See what I have learnt

Procedural Writing:Takakau

How to make Takakau
We are learning to follow the structure of a procedural text.

Introduction: Takakau is a maori bread that was first made when the Europeans came to New Zealand and they brought flour to the country. You use butter and syrup to soften it or you can have it with a boil up.

1 teaspoon salt (to your taste)
2 cups flour
2 teaspoon baking powder (optional)
100 ml milk or water

First Mix the flour,salt,and baking powder together
Then sift or mix all the ingredients together.
Slowly add in the milk to the middle of the bowl and stir it.
Then knead the dough.
Place the dough into a pan and make it flat
Then it is ready to be cooked in the oven for half an hour at 200 degrees Celsius and eaten.