Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Dog handlers

Today glenbrae school went to the courts and it was scary! It was scary because a dog bit a man but not in real life the man was wearing a sleeve. It was a German Shepard named Kase had a sore back so they shave his back and then put a injection on his back.

There was a handler named Collin he was the boss for the dog and the German Shepard are good trackers.And the man told us question's and some of them were funny.And he told him to speak and he did he told him to sit and he did.So he 

can do anything what Collin say's.And at the end we get to pet it and it was beautiful and nice so then we went back to class  

i feel happy that i will be a police officers and it will be cool because i think the i can help the police and catch some bad guys 

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