Monday, 16 March 2020

Akomanga Kaihanga project

Hello, my name is Mathew I am from Tamaki College I am part of a group called The Island Skittles. I have friends that are with me and that's Leanah, Mary, David, and Paikea. We are one out of the four others doing projects. Our project is based on Water Safety, our major focus is to prevent drowning from happening. We hope to narrow down the number of drownings in Glen Innes, We also are thinking about building a swimming pool for children in our school to have free-swimming lessons but if not poeple will get free swimming lessons in Swim Tastic. So what we've done so far is making surveys for the students in our class because if we start with the whole school we will have to be going around each class and surveying them. We also arranged meetings with people around our school and Panmure and more.

I feel grateful about this project because this is the time to block that thing that has been happening to poeple around water.