Friday, 13 September 2019

Day - 5 leaving camp

Today was the last day of camp. We all woke up super early to pack our things, and eat breakfast. We all got up and we brush teeth, then went to the common room. We were talking about what we are doing to day Ruapekapekan were the trench holes are placed. But before that we all went out side and gave Chirs, Magnus and our bus driver Maiki. We gave them hugs and a Maori traditional thing with them.

After the whole class did we went on the bus and took a selfie before we left the camp, but before that we talked about going to Ruapekapeka.
 So when everyone hoped on to the bus then that when we know it time to go to Ruapekapeka. As we were arriving to Ruapekapeka, it was bad because there were some people, cutting a tree but as we were gonna go, the tree fell so we waited until they move it, but the tree was to big and strong so we turned around and went back. So then we went to a village called kuawakuawa, were there is a train running through a town when there are visitors, we were visitors but unfortunately we didn't go. when we finshed that trip we all hoped on the bus and was off back to school.

3 long hours later we made it back to school. We took photos, did a haka, hugged the bus driver, and said goodbye to the bus driver Miki.

I really loved the trip very fun very cool and wish I can go back in the future.

Thursday, 12 September 2019

Day - 4 september the 12th 2019

Today our class was going to the original flagstaff, which means it was the first flag to stand before the Waitangi flagstaff. As we were going on the bus we took a ferry to go to Paihia. We reached Paihia and got off the bus at the beach, and from there we had to walk. We reached the top and I was stunned the view was very nice.
As we reached the top we stayed there for a while and left. We walked and walked, and it was time to rotate, so we walked through the beach and went to our next destination. Our next stop was the Russel museum and the grave of Tamati Waka NeiNei and Wiliam Cook which is our principal's ancestor, also the Pompillar house.
We also learnt how leather is made and also learnt how then missionary's made books with there on materials. They also used little tiny letters to paste it on the template, and then rolled over with ink and it was stain and you can read the letters.

As we all rotated then we all went to the bus and went to the beach for the 2nd to last day because we were hot this whole trip so we thought we could stop by the beach, and have a little swim.

At the beach, it was a lot of fun we played volleyball we made lines for the game, played races, played kicks, and dug ourselves in the sand and wait for the tide to come to us. When we went to the beach, I loved, it the beach because the water was really cold and the waves coming on us, it felt good.

 We went to the bus went to our cabins and Chirs said, we are going to make a campfire and have mars mellows for the 2nd to last day.

Heres a video of us but you won't see but you can hear our beautiful voices singing.
After the campfire we went to our cabins and went to sleep for the last day of camp where we pack up and clean our beds for the next guessed to come in and camp here.

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Day - 3 September the 11th 2019 going to Keri Keri

Today we are going to Keri Keri to see Hone Heke's base, and to meet the one of the oldest buildings in New Zealand. When we arrived there we saw a water fall and and the other group on the other side of the waterfall. So our first was Rewa's Village which was a village of a maori replica. We walked up the stairs to the stone house and there were history about Hone Keke, Hone Hika, and Rewa. When we finshed the whole tour we toke a photo of the back with us in it.
The view was spectacular and I loved it. When we finished the Rewa's village, we then went to the the Kemp house. The Kemp House belonged to these missionary then suddenly died. Kids use to be there and don;t know the rest. We then went up stairs but 5 at a time because the floor up top wasn't stable, what I saw was scary because, one room had dolls and the other had a two tidy bears and a little baby doll in the middle. Then I was scared and then went down and let the other person go. We finished the Kemp House we went to the Stone House.
At the Stone House, it was amazing because I got to see the missile or a barrel almost hit Hone Hekes wife Hariata, and somehow surived it by missing her. After our expiernces we then went back into the bus, and as we were coming back to the Orongo Holiday Park, we saw a big massive pig with long teeth.

We went on the ferry went back to russel and it was all ready dinner time, but we had to help make the dinner because we all were hungry. We dinner Paster and yummy sauce, did our refelctions and went to our group tables and did our reflections and went to sleep for the next day.

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Day 2 - activites day

Day - 2 September the 10th 2019 Day - 2 September the 10th 2019

The next morning we got up at 6.00 and got ready for fitness. After fitness we went into the common room to explain ouur groups for today, for the activites were doing there were three activitees we were doing which was team building, kayaking and bush crafted. Our group which was group 2.
Our group was doing bush craft, Chris came to us and told us we are going for a walk to look for some tea tree which is a common tree for starting fire. They said that, even if its wet it can still cathc on fire because the tree drains the water and from there, little bit of oil is formed.

Then after we did that we went to kayaking, which was fun and cold too, it was cold once it touch my legs and I was freezng. But we first have to learnt how to pedal and how to recover back when you are getting blowed away from the wind.

Then after kayaking we went back to Orongo Holiday Park and did team building outside
the first game we played was human knot, then played lave flow at at the end we played a rist game.
This is lava flow.

After every group rotated, it was time for all the groups to go back in the common room for the planning we are doing tommorow and our groups, for one and two. after we explain what we were doing the next day we all went for a shower, brush our teeth and came back to the common room for dinner.

For dinner we had a idian food made by our deputy princpal which was, cheek pee and suce with normal rice and coconut rice. which was nice. After dinner we did our reflctions and we all went to sleep.

Monday, 9 September 2019

Day 1 Camp

Day - 1 Steptember 9 2019(Camp Day)

This morning, The Glenbrae school car park was packed of cars in 7.15. Students carrying thier bags everywhere they went and our parents hugging us and kissing us for the last five days.

At 7.45 the bus was loaded with a lot of luggage in the bus. We left and giving our mums and dads goodbyes, it was really hard for me because I love my parents and I missed them when we weren't half way there I was really sad and exited at the same time, because we are going camp and camp is cool.

We stopped at whangarei toilets we arrived there at 9.23. We stopped because people wanted to go toilets and we wanted to eat because we were so hungry. Then we left there at 9.54, it was really hot when we got back in the bus and our next stop was the treaty grounds Waitangi.
When we arrived there two adventure for good people came and told us to turn around because there were constunctions going on. We got out and started walking to a big marae, very scary to, a woman came out side and came and welcome us into the marae and a man coming up close and almost stab a the man in the face which was scary
and also a group of maori people were standing and they were telling us a story about the moari culture. They proformed really well and at the end we proformed a hake of our

Then it was finshed,.We then went to James Busby house right next to the marae it was old when I got outside but other rooms were nice and clean, it was very cool and then at the back, a nice cool.
Then we left and went on ferry to go to russel to orongo holiday park, and it was amazing there was a swimimng pool a big park, and it had a lounge which was called the common room.
The common room was very nice and it was cool because we ate fish and chips for dinner and it was lovly. then we wrote our refelctions on what we did on that day.

Friday, 6 September 2019

The strange house:o

  The Strange House

Every night people never wanted to walk alone from school because there is a strange house in
the forest. People say that when they walk past the strange house they can’t see the house
it’s like it is invisible there is a theory that if you go right near the strange house you start
hearing strange noises and that’s why it’s called the strange house that’s what they believe.
So one night a brave boy went to the Strange house but as soon as he got their he looked up
and then saw dark black clouds starting to cover the moon, then he heard trees slightly
whispering and the boy was cold so he started to shiver. As he continued to walk down to the
strange house he heard noises coming from the house. He heard someone saying “Help
in a slight whisper then he heard it again “Help” so then he said “ w-who’s their “ in a terrified
way. He was really scared but he said “ I came this far and I am not turning back ”.

Then he got even closer to the house and heard the same voice again “Help” after a couple
of times hearing the voice he got scared but he still went. As he was walking up to the door
he sees a door bell he pressed it and it didn’t work he then opened the door then said
“h-hello anyone h-here” as he continued to opened door fully he walked in quietly and
saw  the house all broken up everything was torn upside down, no furniture, no power
and he said “ this looks like a dumb a bomb site if my friends were here” but at the corner
of his eye he saw a black figure staring at him from behind and he couldn't explain what
he looked like. So then he looked back and he saw it again and the black figure was standing
there then he walked towards the figure and he walked closer and closer towards the figure
but then as soon he took another step and blinked the black was gone then he looked at the
back of his shoulder then caught a glimpse of the black figure again walking somewhere but
it was gone in a split second. He then spotted broken stairs going up to the second floor he
went up the stairs and he saw 4 rooms one on the left of him one on the right one on the
front and one at the back of him. 

So what he did he went to the one at the back of him first because it was the closest one
near here. he opened the door and said “ hello anyone here ” but as he was opening the
door the door made a funny fart noise and he giggled a little then he saw a bed in the room
but the bed was all broken up when he looked at the closet it slightly moved a little he was
scared and curious to find out what made it moved. As he went into the closet he saw stuff
moving in the corner. He was hoping for the black figure he saw but it was just a raccoon
“Ugh a racoon”he said but he saw the racoon eating a doll. Then he went to the room on
the left and the door was already opened as like someone wanted him to go in there.
When he went inside he saw a doll house with 5 stuffed animals. He looked at every
one and he thinks what animals there are. So he looks at the 5 animals the first one
was a dog, a cat, an elephant, lizard and then the last animal was difficult so he
closed his eyes and thought of the animal he saw it had wings and it had a beak
then he started to think of a bird it wasn’t any kind of bird it was a vulture “a ha i got it”
he said. But when he looked at the vulture the vulture's head moved positions the head

of the vulture was leaning to the left and not its straight. But then when

he looked at the other animals the animals were in different places.
He found a pillow on the side of him and held on it tightly and was
thinking about the animals. After 5 minutes he got out and went to the
next room but then he heard noises in the room he was just in. He went
back and everything was gone the doll house and the stuffed animals too
and all was left there was the pillow he held on. It was really weird to here
something then everything vanishing. He then went to the room on the right
it looked like the same as the first room he went in. But then he heard a voice saying
“ come in this room ”. He didn’t know what room the voice said so he went to the door
in front of him he went in the door started to make squeaking noises. When he got
inside of the room the door behind him shut so he ran back at the door trying to open
the door but he couldn’t when he pulled he could feel on his hands that there is
something at the door holding it so he can’t get free. 

When he let go of the door he looked behind him and he saw the black figure.
He saw it on the tip of his shoulder, he saw it over his ear, he saw it on the bed
he saw the black figure everywhere. So then he got terrified, and he ran to the
door and bang he busted it open. Feeling pain in his left shoulder his legs also but then he
  could hear something walking down stairs so he quickly got up and quietly walked down
stairs, he made kept on making sounds every time he step’s he hears a crack.
When he was sick of the noise he looked down and he could see a scratch marks
on the floor and right next to the scratch marks he finds a lighter.
“Yes” the boy said as he continued to walk he could see that whatever made
the noise down stairs was just a dark black pussy cat. 

When he walked up to the dark cat he wanted to pet it but he was scared that it
might bite him. “ What could possibly go wrong” as he went to pet the cat the cat
bite him “ OW ” he said then the dark black cat ran into a whole next to the stairs.
He saw that the house was getting a bit clear like the house was getting light. He saw
that the clouds were not covering the moon anymore and then the moon changed
shape it was a half moon and now it is a full moon. He was getting inches, he started
getting long hair, he was getting hairy and hes nails were long and sharp they were sharper
than glass and thorns. “ W-what’s happening to me” ahhhhhhhhhh” He realized that he
was turning into a cat. 

Than some came and knocked on the door because he too heard noise.
Then the guy who was turning into a cat looked back with an ugly scary black face.
Then the guy at the door was waiting ” helooooooo any one hereeeeee” “Grrrrrrrrr”
then the cat ran up to the guy at the door.   “RRRROOOAAARRR” “AHHHHHHHHH”
the guy said next to the door as the cat man rushed up to him the guy at the door closed it
and ran away but the cat was thirsty for blood……….… RRROOOAARRR To be continued.

Stuff I like

Here are some things that I really
love to do, to eat, to watch, to feel rich
and the things I love to do the most

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Google portrait

Here's one of my favorite google drawing portrait, 
it might not match but my friends and I tried our best.
Credit: Mathew, Kue'a, Aisea and Vliami


Image result for steven universe the whole team

Monday, 2 September 2019

My Maths work

Sam and Tim are making cordial to fundraise at their disco.
They bought a cordial concentrate with a ratio to make the cordial.
1 capful of concentrate = 1 litre of juice
They both figured they could get 25 capfuls from the concentrate. 
How many litres could they make with one whole bottle of concentrate?
25 liters  
If they had three bottles of concentrate, how many litres could they make?
75 liters

How would you write the ratio of girls to boys?
If there were 27 boys, how many girls would there be?
How would you work this out using numbers? 9:27
How would you write the ratio of boys to girls? 27:9

The race

After school, sarah and her friends josh always rode their
bikes down at the local BMX track. One afternoon, they
found out the a BMX competition was going to be held
at the track on saturday.

“There no use entering,” josh said to sarah “because you’ll
never beat the boys. We’re much stronger and faster than

Well see about that replied sarah, who was determined to win.

One race day, sarah lined up with the other riders.
One of the boys smirked at her.

On the starter’s signal, the eight riders set off at full
speed. Sarah gritted her teeth and pedalled harder
than she had ever pedalled before. Down the steep
hill and around the brems she raced, catching the
leaders, Ahmed and josh.

The huge crowd cheered as sarah landed the
double jump safely and crossed the finish line first.

“Terrific race, sarah” shouted josh. “You’re definitely as
fast as the boys!”

Maths work 2

Here is a problem I worked on my own
using the strategies I used in 
this google drawing.

Image result for Maths gif