Monday, 9 September 2019

Day 1 Camp

Day - 1 Steptember 9 2019(Camp Day)

This morning, The Glenbrae school car park was packed of cars in 7.15. Students carrying thier bags everywhere they went and our parents hugging us and kissing us for the last five days.

At 7.45 the bus was loaded with a lot of luggage in the bus. We left and giving our mums and dads goodbyes, it was really hard for me because I love my parents and I missed them when we weren't half way there I was really sad and exited at the same time, because we are going camp and camp is cool.

We stopped at whangarei toilets we arrived there at 9.23. We stopped because people wanted to go toilets and we wanted to eat because we were so hungry. Then we left there at 9.54, it was really hot when we got back in the bus and our next stop was the treaty grounds Waitangi.
When we arrived there two adventure for good people came and told us to turn around because there were constunctions going on. We got out and started walking to a big marae, very scary to, a woman came out side and came and welcome us into the marae and a man coming up close and almost stab a the man in the face which was scary
and also a group of maori people were standing and they were telling us a story about the moari culture. They proformed really well and at the end we proformed a hake of our

Then it was finshed,.We then went to James Busby house right next to the marae it was old when I got outside but other rooms were nice and clean, it was very cool and then at the back, a nice cool.
Then we left and went on ferry to go to russel to orongo holiday park, and it was amazing there was a swimimng pool a big park, and it had a lounge which was called the common room.
The common room was very nice and it was cool because we ate fish and chips for dinner and it was lovly. then we wrote our refelctions on what we did on that day.

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