Friday, 13 September 2019

Day - 5 leaving camp

Today was the last day of camp. We all woke up super early to pack our things, and eat breakfast. We all got up and we brush teeth, then went to the common room. We were talking about what we are doing to day Ruapekapekan were the trench holes are placed. But before that we all went out side and gave Chirs, Magnus and our bus driver Maiki. We gave them hugs and a Maori traditional thing with them.

After the whole class did we went on the bus and took a selfie before we left the camp, but before that we talked about going to Ruapekapeka.
 So when everyone hoped on to the bus then that when we know it time to go to Ruapekapeka. As we were arriving to Ruapekapeka, it was bad because there were some people, cutting a tree but as we were gonna go, the tree fell so we waited until they move it, but the tree was to big and strong so we turned around and went back. So then we went to a village called kuawakuawa, were there is a train running through a town when there are visitors, we were visitors but unfortunately we didn't go. when we finshed that trip we all hoped on the bus and was off back to school.

3 long hours later we made it back to school. We took photos, did a haka, hugged the bus driver, and said goodbye to the bus driver Miki.

I really loved the trip very fun very cool and wish I can go back in the future.

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