Monday, 2 September 2019

The race

After school, sarah and her friends josh always rode their
bikes down at the local BMX track. One afternoon, they
found out the a BMX competition was going to be held
at the track on saturday.

“There no use entering,” josh said to sarah “because you’ll
never beat the boys. We’re much stronger and faster than

Well see about that replied sarah, who was determined to win.

One race day, sarah lined up with the other riders.
One of the boys smirked at her.

On the starter’s signal, the eight riders set off at full
speed. Sarah gritted her teeth and pedalled harder
than she had ever pedalled before. Down the steep
hill and around the brems she raced, catching the
leaders, Ahmed and josh.

The huge crowd cheered as sarah landed the
double jump safely and crossed the finish line first.

“Terrific race, sarah” shouted josh. “You’re definitely as
fast as the boys!”

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