Thursday, 12 September 2019

Day - 4 september the 12th 2019

Today our class was going to the original flagstaff, which means it was the first flag to stand before the Waitangi flagstaff. As we were going on the bus we took a ferry to go to Paihia. We reached Paihia and got off the bus at the beach, and from there we had to walk. We reached the top and I was stunned the view was very nice.
As we reached the top we stayed there for a while and left. We walked and walked, and it was time to rotate, so we walked through the beach and went to our next destination. Our next stop was the Russel museum and the grave of Tamati Waka NeiNei and Wiliam Cook which is our principal's ancestor, also the Pompillar house.
We also learnt how leather is made and also learnt how then missionary's made books with there on materials. They also used little tiny letters to paste it on the template, and then rolled over with ink and it was stain and you can read the letters.

As we all rotated then we all went to the bus and went to the beach for the 2nd to last day because we were hot this whole trip so we thought we could stop by the beach, and have a little swim.

At the beach, it was a lot of fun we played volleyball we made lines for the game, played races, played kicks, and dug ourselves in the sand and wait for the tide to come to us. When we went to the beach, I loved, it the beach because the water was really cold and the waves coming on us, it felt good.

 We went to the bus went to our cabins and Chirs said, we are going to make a campfire and have mars mellows for the 2nd to last day.

Heres a video of us but you won't see but you can hear our beautiful voices singing.
After the campfire we went to our cabins and went to sleep for the last day of camp where we pack up and clean our beds for the next guessed to come in and camp here.


  1. Mathew you have done a wonderful job in embedding the videos and images into your blog post well done. I like your recount because it is very visual and also informative. Camp was fun wasn't it?