Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Day - 3 September the 11th 2019 going to Keri Keri

Today we are going to Keri Keri to see Hone Heke's base, and to meet the one of the oldest buildings in New Zealand. When we arrived there we saw a water fall and and the other group on the other side of the waterfall. So our first was Rewa's Village which was a village of a maori replica. We walked up the stairs to the stone house and there were history about Hone Keke, Hone Hika, and Rewa. When we finshed the whole tour we toke a photo of the back with us in it.
The view was spectacular and I loved it. When we finished the Rewa's village, we then went to the the Kemp house. The Kemp House belonged to these missionary then suddenly died. Kids use to be there and don;t know the rest. We then went up stairs but 5 at a time because the floor up top wasn't stable, what I saw was scary because, one room had dolls and the other had a two tidy bears and a little baby doll in the middle. Then I was scared and then went down and let the other person go. We finished the Kemp House we went to the Stone House.
At the Stone House, it was amazing because I got to see the missile or a barrel almost hit Hone Hekes wife Hariata, and somehow surived it by missing her. After our expiernces we then went back into the bus, and as we were coming back to the Orongo Holiday Park, we saw a big massive pig with long teeth.

We went on the ferry went back to russel and it was all ready dinner time, but we had to help make the dinner because we all were hungry. We dinner Paster and yummy sauce, did our refelctions and went to our group tables and did our reflections and went to sleep for the next day.

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