Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Genomics:What’s inside a cell?

Whats inside a cell?

What’s inside cells?
As I said in cells are many things but inside a cell is but what i know is that
is nucleus. At first I thought it looked like neurons but no.

This is the size of the a cell in real life but they might be smaller than the other.
Some cells are different sizes but they are not big,
Image result for blood cells image transparent
Here is a image on what a blood cell looks like. 
They look like little pills but not pills there are living
building blocks living inside you

So inside cells are a lot of things. It has Smooth ER, cytoplasm, Rough ER, centrosome and many more. 

What is a cell?
A cell is like little pills but in a circle shape. It is and organism in your body but what cells do is 
that they are little building blocks of all living things. They provide the structure for our body
and take nutrients from other foods or foods
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Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Current event's a dog that walked 125 miles to her owner

Here is a dog that walked 125 miles to reunite with her owner, 
They say that However, she managed to escape from a train, when she used her 4 paws to open a compartment door and fled as it stopped her, Maru then walked through Siberian forests, and avoiding bears, wolves and many more as she desperately tried to go home to her owner but the owner who had rejected her, The dog appeared to be in tears when she was found, Maru has now been reunited with her mother and loving father at Alla’s kennels in Novosibirsk.

Monday, 29 July 2019

How life started!!!

Genomics: how life started

3.6 billion years there was nothing, just nucleic acid everywhere around the sea. Then approximately 1.6 billion years ago bacteria was forming in the sea, followed by archaea and eukaryotes and then at that point on life started in the sea. About 7 million years later animals that were in the sea formed, along with fungi on land. The about 600 years later, Animals from the sea began life on land.

The first ever fish to walk on land was tiktaalik fish, But then unfortunately, the tiktaalik fish species went extinct a long time ago. During overtime, fishes that were from the sea will evolve to new, different species. Then after about 230 million years ago, tetrapods, amphibians, marsiuphins, reptiles and birds, and eutherians then became new species. Then as time went on those species evolved to many other species.

8 million years ago ( which 162 millions years ago ) eutherians evolved to primates, so 2 years later primates learnt how to fight, learnt how to protect, and also learnt how to hunt things, but they learnt things we learnt now, but before 8 millions years ago, 50 million years ago even-toed ungulates became a new species such as hippopotamus, pargoa, camel, and gemsbok. Then 8 million years ago, odd toed ungulates, like wolves, rhinoceros, horses and lions, carnivores 42 millions years ago carnivores became a new species. 

Going back to the 8 millions  years ago, primates and apes evolved to humans, making us almost the last living thing to come to earth, we humans came to earth 8 million years ago but then 100 years or 150 years ago the earth, and living things have been, getting destroyed because of climate change, climate change has been getting worse each year, as the ice of antarctica melt because of the sun the sea levels of the ocean will melt causing the sea to rise, but not only that, there are multiple things going on like air pollution, water pollution rubbish.

Here's a fact if bees were to become extinct all life on earth will die because, bees are pollinators and they go from plant to plant, flower to flower and tree to tree, but you see that everytime they go to another plant to the other, the bees are carrying pollen and if they go to the plant pollen that was on the bees will regrow that plant to make it live for a longer time, and if bees go extinct within a year tigers, lions and other animals will go extinct, and within 3 years us humans will go extinct, thats why its important to keep this earth clean otherwise we are gone, because there is a theory that in 12 years from this day on earth will come to an end unless we stop polluting the earth.

Being sunsmart

Being sunsmart by Mathew 

Being out in the sun too long can really damage your skin and when your skin
damages it hurts and it’s called sunburnt. Sunburnt is really sore and painful
and soon you’ll get skin cancer. That’s why we need to protect skin, arms, and neck.
That’s why we need to get the needs to protect ourselves from the harmful UV
rays or it can lead us to death.

To be SunSmart you need to slip, slop, slap, seek and slide and learn it off by heart.
Firstly, you need to slip on some long sleeve so it can protect your arm.
Long sleeves are good because it protects both of your arms?
 and if not then it can cause skin cancer or melanoma.

Secondly, slop on some sunscreen try using SPF of 30 or higher because
you might have a higher chance of saving your skin and many other parts too.

Thirdly, slap on a hat because when you wear a hat it can protect your neck.
If you don’t wear a hat you will also get melanoma and skin cancer from the
UV rays and, also when you don’t wear your hat you might get hair loss if you
put to much stress because of that pulling.

Fourthly, seeking for shade is really good because it can protect your whole
entire body and the shade can also be really relaxing for your body. If we don’t
have shade or any more shelter your body will be exposed to the UV rays and
end up getting skin cancer and getting scared to go to places. 

Lastly, slide on some sunglasses because the most important job to protect is
your eyes. But when we wear sunglasses it will protect your eyes from the UV
rays, also when you are playing or doing something the sun will not interfere
because the sunglasses are protecting your eyes.

Being SunSmart is the most important thing you need to do when it comes to the sun,
because if you know these off by heart you and, if you want to follow these
instructions and you know the 5 S’s then you will never ever get sunburnt, skin
cancer or even melanoma.

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Tom gates book review

Today I did a book review on my favorite book.
I really like this book because the creativity
the story person did, and also I am looking forward 
to the next book.