Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Kiwi can!!

Today I went to kiwi can with room 7. We went to room 11 to do it the kiwi can teacher which was Miss Peho she told us to get into a circle and talk about what we learnt last week Tuesday. My class mate Maya said " We learnt to question the question and not question the person so their will be no fight's. We were talking about that and then we went straight into our energiser which as called musical cones.

So how you play is that there are cones spread ed around the class room or anywhere where you are playing. So then you have to play music and when the music stop's you gotta quickly try and get the cone before the others do like a 1 v 1 when there is a cone in front of you you got to try get the cone before that person and others. But the round will get harder because you take cones out from the circle. 

We had a lot of rounds of that and it was a lot of fun too. When we finished the game Miss Peho asked again " what did we learn last week Tuesday " and again my class mate said it. We also had a new topic called Friend ship. We talked about what is friend ship and then we got into our catchphrase which is you go like this. So clap like 1 2 3 but on the third clap you do the clap side ways so like two straight and 1 side but fast a little. Thisis how it goes " kiwi can kiwi can kiwi can says" than repeat " we are friends" than repeat than " on a ship" repeat again than " put ti altogether" repeat " friend ship" it ir really cool and I love it

Image result for kiwi canI really like it because it is fun and I love it


  1. Hey Mathew I like the story that you have written about kiwi can. I like how written about friend ship and how we should bond with each other and how you written down the amazing activities that you did at kiwican as well.

  2. Wow. that must've been so fun playing that game. amazing recount

  3. Well done Mathew,I really enjoy reading you work about you going to kiwi can and having a good time. You have inspired me and suported me to do my work about kiwi can.

    Bianca :)