Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Kiwi can!!!

 In the morning room, 7  and I went to kiwi in room 11 around 10:15. When we got in the kiwi can teacher said: " come in room 10 and sit in a circle". We all sat in a circle and she asked us " what did u guys learn from last week" and ngakiri said " we learnt about positive communication" then we got into a game.

We played a game called cone. It's when the person says head, shoulders, knees, toes, eyes, ears, mouth and nose than the person will say cone than the 2 people will battle each other who can get the cone the fastest. We had a couple of rounds than we finished. 

We straight away went to " what does co-operation mean". My friend said " It means we can be a team and we can active anything" and she said, " yeah so like it means when you have a goal and u want to archive if you can because you can believe in your self" then we went to our activity.

The kiwi can teacher said "for our activity we will be doing is that we will have 20 seconds to discuss your plan on how to make an object that I say you make it" she said " make a square" but then she said "without talking or moving just do it" we had a couple rounds as the rounds went it got harder and harder.

I really like kiwi can because I reckon I it is the best thing to do at school will work of course but I like kiwi can better.

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