Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Kiwi can!!!

This morning I left to kiwi around 10:35. We went outside next to the wall we were walking our way down we saw the little kids walk out if the room because they just finished their kiwi can. We were there and Mr ulupati was out and said " good morning room 7" and we said good morning back. When we went to the room and we went in and sat in a circle. When we sat in the circle the kiwi can teacher told us that we had a new topic and it was called Co-operation. We played a game when we were talking about Co-operation.

The game was called Ninja So how you play is that you need your hands and seed so you will have to say NINNNJAAA than after you say that you go around in the circle and then you try and hit their hand but you miss you leave it where you missed it but if you hit it the hand will go down.

When we finish that game and the we started talking about Co-operation.the teacher said what does Co-operation means we all said "Co-operation is when you understand people, feedback, itis also when you agree on things and disagree and things too. We kept on talking about that than we played a game for our activity. Our activity game was called king and queen. The game was called king and queen so how you play is that there are 2 teams 1 team is on the side with the balls and there are only 7 balls but what you do is that you run to the other side tell their is a boy and queen and if it happens they will be crowned king and queen. It is simaliar to bull rush but differnt. I won to be king and we ran out of time for the girls  but i was happy that i won because i really did doge good hit's.

I really like kiwi can because it is a really cool program for kids in school. I really wish that kiwi can be every day.

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