Friday, 12 April 2019


On Wednesday the 10th we went to volleyball at the ASB Stadium in Kohimarama to compete other schools
around the manaiakalani cluster. We went there by bus and there were 3 teams that came with us the
yr6, yr 7 and our team the yr8’s there were 2 yr 8 teams and we all had coaches the yr6’s had
Mrs Atuahiva the yr7’s had my mum marryan and the yr8’s had Mrs Tiana and Mrs Tofa.

We arrived at the stadium and when we first got there I felt nervous because there were a lot of schools that are
good. When we all got inside it was massive and then we saw seat’s for us. We went to the top row and when
I looked down I made me even nervous because when you are playing everyone can see you and when you
make a mistake it feels embarrassing.

The yr6’s team went to go to their game first and our whole school was cheering for them and it was cool.
Whenever they get a goal we cheer and when the other team misses we encourage them to do better
but the yr6’s team won from our school they won against rotoportaka. Then it was the yr7’s turn to play.
When they got on we also cheered for them the yr7’s team was good also the other team which was
Tamaki primary the school that we are friends with so we cheered for them to.

But then it was our turn the yr8’s I was feeling really nervous because people were looking at
us but on the other side we have our school cheering and I felt happy. We were playing against
ruapotaka and we served first. Lucky we got the first point that we served. Then we served
again and we missed but it was ok we were just getting started. We played and played and
played and then we won we didn't know what the points were but we didn't care at least we
won and we were good winniers not bad winners. I really liked it when we won because it is a
great feeling so then we finished and went for toilet break.

Than we went back to our seat’s and had a rest. I started eating but then the teacher said
“ don’t eat to much we got another game soon”. We all finished eating then some of the
Tamaki primary student’s came to sit next to us and we all were watching the games that
schools were playing. We cheered for all the schools then we had to say goodbye because
we had our game next.

We were versing Glen innes and I felt excited since we won the other game and then I had
the energy to play again. We served to them and they did miss but what they did is that they
digged it than gave it to the front then setted it up to the right side of the person and spiked.
That was the only team the has ever spiked on us then they keeped on the repeating the pattern
and unfortunately we lost against them and went back up disappointed but Mrs tiana said
“ don’t be like that yous guys did great”.

We made a huge success because 3 teams came first which was the yr6 , 7, and year 8 team
 but the other yr8 team came 3rd which is a huge accomplishment for our school.
I feel so happy the we at least came something especially 1st I wish in the future
we could go again to the volleyball tournament.


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  2. Kia ora Mathew, I am Laqkwuann from Gisborne Intermediate School.
    I like how you are able to teach a whole class even being only a year 8
    I learnt that volleyball is a really good sport, even if it doesn't sound that cool
    Maybe you could teach me how to play volleyball or about the brains nervous system. Please visit my blog

    Mā te wā

  3. Kia ora. I am maverik from Gisborne Intermediate School.
    I really liked how you were talking about volleyball
    I learnt that you like volleyball
    Why did you pick to play volleyball
    Please visit my blog

    Mā te wā

  4. Kia ora. I am Rangi from Gisborne Intermediate School.
    I really liked that you kiwi can i used to do that at my old school before I left to go to gisborne intermediate
    I learnt that you play volleyball and you are really great at maths
    Maybe you could tell us more about yourself like what type of stuff do you do in your class
    Please visit my blog

  5. Hi my name is sarita, and I like sports,soccer,horse riding,and I like to draw and I like to dance. My favourite subject is pe and I love options. I have 2 bunnys and one dog and 3 cats and

    I would like to hear a bit more about you. I enjoyed your story about volleyball.