Friday, 29 November 2019

Shoe design

Here is me and my friends shoes design for elderly people. My shoe has a zip were old people can store there Medical Tablets. My shoe also glows in the dark with its normal colors. My shoe is also light, very colorful, very doesn't feel heavy when you walk and many more.

Credit. Po.M

Monday, 18 November 2019

Maths 2

2. Eva, Tamati, Noah and Jo are looking at these shapes.
Eva says, "Hey, the first shape is the odd one out."
Tamati says, "No, Eva, the second one’s the odd thing out!"
Noah says, "No, it’s the third one!"
Jo says, "Well you are ALL wrong! The last one is clearly the odd thing out."
Who is right and why? It will be the first one because the first one has no other faces.


  1. Ravi enjoyed designing plans for a castle so much that he decided
  2. to have another go.
This time, instead of using cubes to make the castle he has used cuboids.
(Cuboids are also called rectangular prisms).
The front view of his new castle is drawing A; the top view is drawing
B; and the side view is drawing C.
Build a castle to Ravi’s design using the cuboids.
What is the largest number of cuboids that you can use
in the construction of a castle from Ravi’s plans?
B, because it bigger then the others
What is the smallest number of cuboids that you can use
in the construction of a castle from Ravi’s plans?
B and C, because they both have 9
Can you build a symmetrical castle that is different from
any of the ones you have built so far? Yes
How many symmetrical castles can you build to Ravi’s specifications? 

Is it possible to design plans for a castle so that it can only
be built in one way (uniquely)?

Thursday, 14 November 2019

Promise - Narratives

Here is my reading presentation on 
a book I was reading called Promise.

The book is about, 5 teenage kids in a bunker.
The reason why there in a bunker because a disease broke loose.
They tryed to stay low so they won't get infected.
But in the meantime they were explore the place out and they kinda liked it, there was food, water, blankets and many more. The all appointed Noah or Noah himself to be leader, nit only that they made a agreement to not go outside until the food is all out.
But either then that they stayed in the bunker. 


 Here is my Maths work of Geometry.
It was really hard but, it all paid off.

My Maths work explains how I do my Maths
and how I explain my answers. 

Monday, 11 November 2019

Smart learners are creating a positive digital footprint

A positive digital footprint you have to think about what you post about
yourself online and what it says about you and understanding the difference
between private and public information. Remember what teachers taught you,
financial literacy. If you try to delete something that you posted and it was something bad,
it will be there forever even if you deleted it from your page. comments other people
You know in your business online privacy the way you conduct yourself in online with a
negative. Behind an avatar our user there is a real person. if you're on a online community,
you might become familiar with the community guidelines if someone is playing by the rules.
Make an effort to go over to the person to remember self and others if there doing the bad thing

Treasure map maths problem

Today I solved a problem about a treasure map. How the map goes there is five squares going out and five squares going down and all together they equal to 25 squares. The problem said there were three trees going out east and 4 boulders going down south. Due to the treasure map the chest is half way between the rocks.