Tuesday, 31 July 2018



On 31 of July we went to gymnastics in the hall at 9.15 we went there so we can learn new things and these were the things we at gymnastics. We also played a lot of games in the hall with our teacher Kane.

We first played a game called stuck in the mud and how you play is that. There are 3 taggers and those three taggers have to tag the people and the people that got tagged need to be in a star shape, and the people that are not tagged they can free them by crawling under them. But that wasn't all we had to do courses like bunny hops, candle sticks, hop scotch, hand stand, and the helicopter when we finished them all we played a game of octopus.

I feel really great because we i learnt new things and also new types of games that i could play with y friends or family.

Wednesday, 25 July 2018



This morning room 10 went to the hall to do gymnastics with a person named Kane. Kane was showing us how to do the stuff he set up for us. He split us up into 6 groups of 3 and he also told us to make sure we needed to finish our courses that he set up for us. We learnt a lot of things that we didn't even know how to do. There was candle stick, bunny hop, cut wheel over the mat, and also to do the ball tuck.

When we finish doing one courses we switch around places so that we all get to have a change to do every thing so that we don't be bored. When we all get to do all of the courses we all get to do star jumps and then we went back to class and then have morning tea

i really feel happy because when they he came i felt excited and very happy.

Kiwi Can

This morning Room 10 kids went to kiwi can at 10.00 when we got there we had to sit on the mat in a circle. We had a new topic and a new theme the theme was resilience and the topic was goal settings. We first played a game called order up and how you play is that you gotta go in tallest to smallest. When you done that you need to put your names in order from A to Z and then we talked about what is goal settings. Goal settings mean like when you trying to do something you never done before like tackling a big guy means that you done your goal. 

Then we went to play another game called up or down. So how you play is that you need to think of a goal of points like 1000 points and there lots of different numbers there were 100, 200, 300, 400, and 500. There were meanings of the points 100 was easy, 200 was medium easy, 300 was medium, 400 was medium hard and 500 was hard about like 3 min later we were losing. Group one was the group coming 1st and already got to there goal and group 3 was coming 2nd and group 3 was coming 3rd and we were coming last.
When we finished the game we went to morning tea and continued the day.

I really feel great about kiwi can because it is fun, and also wish for kiwi can to be every day. 

Monday, 23 July 2018


My Holidays

During the holidays I went to a trampoline park called Gravity. It was really fun because I was jumping like a monkey and at the end I was very tired and was dying for a drink of water. I was really good at bouncing like a frog and flipping like a master. But the best thing I could do was doing front flips and back flips like I was a free runner. I could do really good tricks and other people were amazed to see what I could do and I really enjoyed Gravity and wish to go back there another day.

A few days ago it was my birthday, and for my birthday I went to the movies to watch Incredible 2. I felt excited when I first sat down waiting for the movie to start. I wanted to eat all my junk food and I did! At home I cut a cake and enjoyed eating it with my family. In fact, I ate like a pig! I loved my present which was a new PS4.

I really loved going to Gravity because I felt like I was famous and also I really loved my birthday present and  my cake.  I wish to go back to the two places that I went to during the holidays.