Tuesday, 31 July 2018



On 31 of July we went to gymnastics in the hall at 9.15 we went there so we can learn new things and these were the things we at gymnastics. We also played a lot of games in the hall with our teacher Kane.

We first played a game called stuck in the mud and how you play is that. There are 3 taggers and those three taggers have to tag the people and the people that got tagged need to be in a star shape, and the people that are not tagged they can free them by crawling under them. But that wasn't all we had to do courses like bunny hops, candle sticks, hop scotch, hand stand, and the helicopter when we finished them all we played a game of octopus.

I feel really great because we i learnt new things and also new types of games that i could play with y friends or family.

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  1. Greetings Matthew,
    I am from Panmure Bridge School, and I am a year 7. I remember doing Gymnastics last year and it is cool seeing another school doing it too. Is it hard doing it?

    KEEP IT UP!!!