Monday, 23 July 2018


My Holidays

During the holidays I went to a trampoline park called Gravity. It was really fun because I was jumping like a monkey and at the end I was very tired and was dying for a drink of water. I was really good at bouncing like a frog and flipping like a master. But the best thing I could do was doing front flips and back flips like I was a free runner. I could do really good tricks and other people were amazed to see what I could do and I really enjoyed Gravity and wish to go back there another day.

A few days ago it was my birthday, and for my birthday I went to the movies to watch Incredible 2. I felt excited when I first sat down waiting for the movie to start. I wanted to eat all my junk food and I did! At home I cut a cake and enjoyed eating it with my family. In fact, I ate like a pig! I loved my present which was a new PS4.

I really loved going to Gravity because I felt like I was famous and also I really loved my birthday present and  my cake.  I wish to go back to the two places that I went to during the holidays.

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