Thursday, 28 March 2019

Compare and Contrast

Today I was working on my compare and contrast. The topic was about an elderly man who heard about the shootings in Christchurch. He felt very sad about what had happened to the Muslims, he has been through hardship before hardship before he couldn’t sleep most nights. His wife passed away 15 years ago, and his daughter who was born blind but was talented at yoga died recently. He is suffering through what happened.

He wanted to go to he city so he could do the march. It took him 3 busses, and on his way through the march, the police helped him get through.
When he got home he felt glad that he got to participate the march with others and kids. He said “ We all go through our furnace in certain ways and some of the things that happen to us will make you more understanding, I hope.”

My compare and contrast  < link to my work

Thank you!


  1. hey mat i like your post you just need to right more and you'll be OK keep blogging

  2. nice one mat thats sad for what happen ant Christchurch