Tuesday, 9 April 2019

My reflection about teaching room 9

This morning I went to room 9 to teach them about the brain nervous system.
I really liked them because they were active listers and every time we called
their name they will respond nicely to me and my other two friends who are
kue'a and stanisloe. 

We first talked about what is the brain, what is a brain nervous system and
also how many parts of the brain there are. But they all said
" Nah that's boring" but then I told them "after talking about these we will play kahoot.
Then they started listening to my friends and me. 
We said every time you get it right you get a point also I said:
"whoever is first I mean the most points they get a treat" when
I was only joking.

But now it came to the end and we said " Get ready for kahoot "
Than they started getting ready and doing all their stuff. 
So we played and played different games created by our other classmates
and every time they play I feel like they are getting smarter and smarter
because they weren't getting any questions wrong.

I feel good because It's my 5th time actually teaching kids like room 9
I really loved it they were active listeners. I felt respected like I was a role model
I really hope in the future I could teach that class again.

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