Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Day 2 - activites day

Day - 2 September the 10th 2019 Day - 2 September the 10th 2019

The next morning we got up at 6.00 and got ready for fitness. After fitness we went into the common room to explain ouur groups for today, for the activites were doing there were three activitees we were doing which was team building, kayaking and bush crafted. Our group which was group 2.
Our group was doing bush craft, Chris came to us and told us we are going for a walk to look for some tea tree which is a common tree for starting fire. They said that, even if its wet it can still cathc on fire because the tree drains the water and from there, little bit of oil is formed.

Then after we did that we went to kayaking, which was fun and cold too, it was cold once it touch my legs and I was freezng. But we first have to learnt how to pedal and how to recover back when you are getting blowed away from the wind.

Then after kayaking we went back to Orongo Holiday Park and did team building outside
the first game we played was human knot, then played lave flow at at the end we played a rist game.
This is lava flow.

After every group rotated, it was time for all the groups to go back in the common room for the planning we are doing tommorow and our groups, for one and two. after we explain what we were doing the next day we all went for a shower, brush our teeth and came back to the common room for dinner.

For dinner we had a idian food made by our deputy princpal which was, cheek pee and suce with normal rice and coconut rice. which was nice. After dinner we did our reflctions and we all went to sleep.

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