Monday, 28 August 2017


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Friday 25th August the yr6's from room 8 went to kiwi can with the room 10 we had kiwi can and we have a them and a topic the topic is self control and we need to talk about it and how we can control our negative emotion and positive emotion and then we move on to the theme which is resilience we also have a game after we talk about the theme the game we played was a fun game.

This is how you play you need one ball and you have to make a circle but standing up and you toes has to touch the other person’s toes and then you try and roll the ball between the person legs and if it’s goes under then you are out and then join with the next person’s toes and keep on playing and here are the rules.
  1. You can only use one hand and put the other hand at the back
  2. You can block with one hand if the ball comes to you
  3. You can switch hands if the other one gets tired then you can switch

and when we finish we have another game and the game was called musical bum’s it when the music plays and when it stop’s then you need to sit down but you legs folded and if you are the last one or you sit down but your are not folded then you are out and then when we finish then it is morning tea

I feel happy because it is fun and i wish if we can have it every day

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  1. Hi Matthew
    I am Chavda from panmure bridge school. Great blog post. I really like how blog post is really cleaned. I have seen you at the netball game when Panmure Bridge vs your school.