Thursday, 3 August 2017


One day my friends family and me went for a camp in the forest. It was pretty scary when we put up our tent because it was already night time. it was not long then my friends family was fast asleep.but i couldn't sleep because there was lot’s of strange noise.the next morning we didn’t have breakfast cos my friend left the food at home yesterday when we had nothing to eat we went to look for well we were looking for water we can always see a man so tall that he is in a suit we couldn’t see his face so when we tried to take a photo it won't let us take a picture so we run back and told my friends mum then she said this is not good she said to us i will tell you why it is not good but i will tell you at night 10min later i have seen it before and it came for me the reason why you can’t take a photo cos he blocked your single when i was a little kid my friend and i went camping once when my friend was missing and every night and every morning i could see her standing next to a man in a suit and tall they call him slenderman  

To be continued  

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  1. Hi Mathew,

    You have had some fantastic ideas in this story and I can see that you wanted to get them all written down quickly! Next time, go back through your writing and edit it to make sure that you have remembered full stops, commas and capital letters.