Friday, 30 August 2019

Going to the Museum!!!

At 9:05 we all went to the hall, to get ready to go to the museum in Auckland,we went to the hall so we can count how many kids are coming to the trip, after about 4 - 5 minutes we went on 2 buses, as we were going to the museum I was thinking of, what are the things I am going to see there, Dinosaur   bones of course, but how about the moa's bones, I am pretty sure the museum has that, 30 minutes later we arrived at the museum, I was really big but we had to go in our setting place were we eat, drink, and plan. Then a man came and told us the rules what to do in the museum and what not to do in the museum, as he was speaking I can remember him saying, no running, "no touching things that say DON'T TOUCH, don't go across the yellow line and definitely don't push". After the rules were sent we went in the museum.

It was really cool a lot of carvings that were made, we saw a maori house which is called a marai, were the maori's eat, sleep and pray, we went in and we saw a sign saying, no photos or shoes in the marai. We went in and it felt peaceful, not if other kids that didn't belong to us didn't have to run, but I felt peaceful, I was just imaging how peaceful it would have been inside this sacred marai, we then went out and saw this big canoe very big, big enough to fit more then 50 to 70 people. Then we went to see things in the glass which were  spears, axes, stones, Shields, and many more I can't explain, we then saw a display of a tribe being attacked and the other more advance and more combat, then we saw trees, and men mining stone, I saw something odd and no one saw a man, trying to catch a bird and then my friend saw then that was it of my little secret then we moved on.

When we went to different places the museum was full of different things, till we had to go, I felt really sad for the elephant that got killed and was used for mainsails and killed you also for food, they took the elephants trunk and I felt sad, but it was still fun.

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