Friday, 30 August 2019

Technology Wood

I chose to make a mirror frame made with wood and a mirror, and itś for me,
this is the best choice because you don't need to go in your bathroom and
look in the mirror there, when you can look at your own mirror for yourself
and others.

This will be used in the lounge were it will sit on top of the t.v table, were it
is seen and were it is safe so my younger sisters, and brothers won't be
able to, to touch or eat it. This will also be used for our hair so we can look,
and were my mum can do her makeup when she goes out.

I will need to consider putting the mirror in a high place, like I said so my brothers
and sisters don't touch it, or eat it, and also make sure that it doesn't fall, and make it

The process.
Step 1. I used a pencil to make a full size working drawing of my mirror so when
my instructor comes he knows what I am doing.

Step 2.  I used a steel ruler to measure what I am going to make, and get the
measurement so I know what to do next, onto my piece of wood.

Step 3. I marked a square line at 90% across my wood piece using the tir-square ruler,
then gave it to the instructor so he knows that the measurements are right.

Step 4. I cut the first piece of wood using a backed saw to make the joint and to
make sure that the piece I am using goes together with the other pieces.

Step 5. I then marked out the lines to cut with a marking gauge, so I can make the
joint, then when I did that I had to use a wood chisel to make the joint were my other
piece of wood I cut out, then stick it in the joint when I am done.

Step 6. Then the instructor came to me and told me that I and to cut out two wood
pieces so it can be stable, and I did then he went to his station and cut out my
wood pieces into curves, then he told me to find the center of the wood piece
by using the steel ruler and a tri-square.

Step 7. When I found the center of the wood he curved and cut out he went to
his station again and he cut out the center of the wood and then gave me a big
square rectangular shape wood for me to find the center on the sides, and have
to admit also that it took me for ages, then the time of class ran out.

Step 8. I found the center of the big square rectangular shape wood then he cut
the wood right were I made the center of the wood, as he was cutting he gave me
two long cylinder type nut in a shape wood, were I can put it into my wood piece
together with my curved pieces of wood.

Step. 9 when he did that, I had to wait for our instructor to help others before he can
help me. I needed help with the next part of my project, which was putting in the two cylinder shape of wood inside of my project were the whole, is drilled.

Step. 10 he put both cylinder shape wood type into my wood together with the big
piece of wood, he was looking in the whole trying to line it up so he can hit it down
with the hammer so it is strong.

Step. 11 when the cylinder piece was in place he went into the back
into his room and came out with a mirror, I said “ isn’t that a pit to big
for mine, and he said “ yeah that’s why I am gonna use a mirror cutter,
and cut it out with a paper, when he did that he cut it perfectly and it was done.

Step. 12 when that was he gotta type of glue, very strong glue, and then mixed
it together and I got to admit again it looked like gum, gum that you can eat, then
he place the glue at the back of the mirror and told me to leave there till next week.

Step. 13 when my mirror was attached with the other wood piece he told me to finish
off my project which I am doing now, and now I am finished

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