Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Week 1 A Place To Stand Day: 4

Activity 1: Scaling New Heights [4 points]
Aotearoa New Zealand is a country of mountains and valleys, dense forests, and sparkling oceans. At the centre of the South Island sits the tallest mountain in the country, Aoraki Mt Cook. It is the place where Sir Edmund Hillary, the first man to reach the top (summit) of Mt Everest, learned how to climb mountains. It was pretty difficult for him, at first, but Sir Edmund Hillary did not give up and, in 1953, he achieved this dream of climbing Mt Everest. His face can now be found on the New Zealand $5 note!
Let’s imagine that you met Sir Edmund Hillary in real life and were able to interview him.

On your blog, post five questions that you would like to ask Sir Edmund Hillary about his life.

What did you feel when you first reached your destination?
What was the things you used to climb the big beast?
What was the propose to climb mount Everest?
Who told you to climb it?

What was the reason to climb mount Everest.

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  1. Hi again Mathew

    You have put a lot of thought into these questions. I can't imagine how much preparation and effort went into climbing Mt Everest.

    One of your questions relates to the gear that he would have taken with him. What items do you think you would need to have in order to make it safely to the top?

    Ngā mihi,