Monday, 24 December 2018

Week 3 Up, Up, and Away Day: 1

DAY 1: A Heated Debate

Activity 1: Togs or Trackies? [4 points]
New Zealand is a pretty lovely place to live, isn’t it? Apparently, New Zealand (NZ) is also a pretty lovely place to visit. In 2017 approximately 2-3 million people came to visit NZ as tourists. Some of them chose to come in the middle of our summer, while others braved it and came in the middle of winter! When do you think is the best time of year (season) to visit NZ?
If you would like some help making a decision, feel free to read the Go New Zealand website. It has lots of information about the seasons in NZ!
I, personally, encourage my friends and family from overseas to come and visit NZ in early spring. The weather is usually warm and dry and the tourist attractions, beaches and holiday spots are less busy than they are in the middle of summer.
On your blog, tell us what time of year you think is best for tourists for come and visit. Be sure to share at least three things that tourists could do while they were here in NZ.
In my opinion the best time I visit New Zealand was properly around summer i guess because it was hot but not hat as Australia but it worked. My three best things in my opinion is going to rainbows end (I have been their with my friends at skids), swimming at my favorite beach which is panu beach and my last on is that spending time with mt family outside.

Activity 2: You are my Sunshine [4 points]

People in New Zealand love spending time outdoors. Unfortunately, the sun is very powerful and the rates of skin cancer are incredibly high in New Zealand. In fact, they are higher than anywhere else in the entire world! To protect ourselves against skin cancer, we need to be careful about how much time we spend in the sun. We have to be ‘Sunsmart.’

Read the Sunsmart website.

On your blog, list five different things that we can do to protect ourselves from the sun this summer!
Click here for my link that I worte.
Activity 3: Burning Up… [15 points]
While it can get hot in New Zealand, especially in the middle of summer, it gets even hotter in places like Dallol (Ethiopia), Dasht-e Loot (Iran), Tirat Zvi (Israel), Kabili (Tunisia) and Bandar-e Mahshahr (Iran).
The hottest temperature on record in each place is: Dallol: 41oC; Dasht-e Loot: 71oC; Tirat Zvi: 54oC; Kabili: 55oC; Bandar-e Mahshahr: 51oC. Crazy ‘eh?!
For this activity, you are asked to use this information to create a graph. The graph should have a title along with the names of each city and their hottest recorded temperatures. You can draw the graph by hand or use a computer programme like Google Draw to create your graph. It’s completely up to you!
Here is an example of a graph:
On your blog, post a picture of your graph.

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  1. Hi again Mathew

    Wow, more great work from you. Your post for activity 2 is amazing.. You have shared so much information on how to be sun smart. It is very well written an I feel as though I have learn so much by reading it.

    It sounds as though you have a lot of fun in New Zealand in the summer. I think you have recommended some very cool activities for tourists to do. Where is Panu Beach? Is it black sand or white sand?

    Well done on giving the graph a go. To get the full 15 points for the activity it needs to be on the hottest temperatures ever and have all axis labelled (side by the numbers and below the names of cities - see the snowfall one for an example). Here is the information that you need to use. Dallol: 41oC; Dasht-e Loot: 71oC; Tirat Zvi: 54oC; Kabili: 55oC; Bandar-e Mahshahr: 51oC.

    Let me know when you have updated it and I’ll give you the full 15 points.

    Have a great day.