Monday, 17 December 2018

Week 1 A Place To Stand Day: 1

Activity 2: North and South [4 points]
The country of New Zealand is made up of two main islands – the North Island and the South Island. Approximately 77% of the New Zealand population live in the North Island. Many of these people (including our Summer Learning Journey design team) live in Auckland city. Auckland is a great place to live with lots of amazing parks, beautiful waterways and stunning scenery to enjoy. It is also a busy, vibrant city with many cafes, museums, galleries and theaters to visit. I feel lucky to call Auckland my ‘hometown.’
Now it is time to think about your hometown. What is special about where you live? On your blog, describe your hometown. Be sure to include lots of describing words (adjectives) in your post.

My home is in panmure and i love it there because we can just walk
to the pack 'n save and get stuff to eat
i like it there because i meet new friends and when i those friends they were so kind to me. when i am hungry i can walk to the dairy and plus i live right next to
a school were my friends go to but i go to a different school tho and that's why i love my home town


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  2. Kia ora Mathew ,
    My name is Patricia and I am part of the Summer Learning Journey team. How nice is to see that your are actively engaging on completing the activities, way to go! I am here to comment and support your posts and guide you through this program.
    It's nice to know that you love live in Panmure. I live in Meadowbank and it's also pretty nice in there, I like because is very close to Kohimarama and St. Heliers beaches and I enjoy go there for a run or bike ride with my daughter to enjoy the fresh sea air. I think is awesome that you can walk around and don't have to use the car all the time. It's nice to see you are using well your descriptive words. Good job!
    Kia kaha,

  3. Hello, Mathew
    My name is Joshua from Panmure Bridge School. I really like how you have joined the Summer Learning Journey program. I would like to say that next time when you blog something, make sure it is checked by a Teacher or your parents. But I like the big effort that you are trying to do the task on the SLJ website.

    Keep trying, Joshua