Thursday, 20 December 2018

Week 2 Water, Water, Everywhere Day: 2

Activity 1: Weaving a Tall Tale…[4 points]
There is a long history in New Zealand of collecting natural plants, including flax (harakeke), and using them to create cloaks, baskets (kete), mats, traps and ropes. Flax weaving is an art form. It can take years for people to perfect the art of weaving. Have you ever tried it?
For this activity, you are asked to watch a short video of someone weaving a fish (ika) out of flax.
On your blog, tell us whether or not you would like to try your hand at flax weaving. Does it interest you? Why or why not?

It does interest me because what if you can make things you need like a basket so that you don't need to buy one from the shop or the market. Flaxing looks fun but on google flaxing takes time to do it. I would love to try hand flaxing because i can help peolple when they want to make one. So i would rather go with the answer YES!!!

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  1. Hi there Richie,

    It's great to hear that you would like to try flax weaving! Weaving definitely takes a lot of time, patience and practice but it can be a very rewarding experience. Yes, baskets really do come in handy, I agree!

    Since you are interested in flax weaving, maybe you could start practising and see what kinds of brilliant and interesting creations you could come up with! It'll take some time but the process can be quite fun, especially when you gather your family and friends to do it with you.

    Happy blogging,
    Evelyn :)