Thursday, 20 December 2018

Week 2 Water, Water, Everywhere Day: 1

Activity 2: The Great Taupo Cycle Challenge [4 points]

Every year approximately 7500 people arrive in Taupo, New Zealand to compete in a one-day cycling race around Lake Taupo. The race route is 160 km in length. Participants can choose to compete in the full race or the half-race (80 km). Let’s imagine that you were given a free ticket to compete in the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge next year and you were able to bring three people with you as your ‘support crew.’ Who would you bring with you?
If it was me, I would choose my son, Aronui, as one of my supporters because he’s really funny and energetic. I think that he would make sure that I had a great time and that I spent the entire day laughing and smiling. I would also choose my sister, Leigh, because she is very strong and fast. Thirdly, I would choose my co-leader, Hazel, because she is very organised and would make sure that we followed the trail and didn’t get lost!
On your blog, list the three people you would like to have on your Lake Taupo Cycle Race Support Crew. Tell us why you have chosen each person.
I would choose my friend siosia because he told me him self that he would have a biking competition with me and kept on saying he was better so i would pick him and Aj and also Richie.

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  1. Hi there Matthew,

    You have picked a fantastic team to be your support crew, I think the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge would go really well for you! It would be quite fun to have a biking competition with Siosia, wouldn't it? Just make sure you wear a helmet and keep yourselves safe on the road!

    May I ask, why would you pick Aj and Richie to be on your support crew as well? I would love to know!

    I'm looking forward to hearing back from you! :)