Monday, 24 December 2018

Week 3 Up, Up, and Away Day: 2

DAY 2: The Air Up There

Activity 1: Bee Informed [4 points]
One of the most important, but least talked about, animals in New Zealand is the bumblebee. It was first introduced to New Zealand in 1885 to help pollinate a special plant called the ‘Red Clover.’ Today, bumblebees do many other important jobs, including the pollination of greenhouses and orchard crops. If the bees did not pollinate the plants, they would not survive.
For this activity, we would like you to become detectives and learn more about the mysterious, and often ignored, bumblebee. We will provide you with four sentences about bumblebees from the NZ Bumblebee Conservation Trust website and it is your job to fill in the blanks with the missing information.
On your blog type out the four ‘Unbee-lievable Facts about Bumblebees’ and fill in the blanks for each one.
Unbee-lievable Facts about Bumblebees
  1. Bumble bees fly really quickly
  2. They protect them selves with there stinging power
  3. Bumble bees collect pollen from a flower like all bees do.
  4. They can also reach the speeds up to 15km 
Activity 2: Carbon Sinks Don’t Stink! [4 points]

Every day a chemical compound called carbon dioxide (CO2) is produced and released into the air.  If it isn’t removed, it can become toxic for humans. Fortunately, there are a number of places where CO2 is absorbed (removed from the air). Two of the most common places are forests and oceans. They are called ‘carbon sinks’ because, like a sink, they gather, clean and drain things away that we don’t want. One of the largest carbon sinks in New Zealand is a forest in the south-western part of the South Island. It drains away 60% of our unwanted carbon!
Let’s imagine that you could design a sink that could gather up and then drain away any foods that you don’t like. On your blog, tell us what you would put in your special sink. If it was me, I would put rice pudding, brussel sprouts, custard, parsnips, and seafood chowder in the sink. Yuck! What about you?
On your blog, list all of the foods that you would put in your special draining sink
here is the list of all the food I would throw away in to my special draining sink. and heres all the food I will throw away
  • Rock Melons
  • Mashed Potato
  • Zucchini
  • Pumpkin
  • Cumber
  • Pumpkin
  • Eggplants
  • Peppers
  • Peas

Activity 3: Flying Fungi [10 points]

In the middle of winter it can get quite wet and damp in New Zealand, can’t it? When it gets really damp, it is common for things like mould and fungi to start to grow. We can often see them on the walls, ceilings or floors of our houses or outside on footpaths, buildings or roadways. Some types of mould and fungi are so small that they can’t be seen. Some of these tiny fungi/mould can be found in the air. They are called ‘airborne fungi’ and they can be unhealthy for us.
Let’s imagine that we tested the air in your classroom and found 7 different kinds of mould. Eek! The cleaner says that it takes 5 days for each mould to be eradicated (removed). If the school had to remove each mould one at a time, how long would it take to remove all the mould from the classroom?

On your blog, tell us how you would solve this tricky maths problem. Be sure to also post your final answer in days or weeks.
So here is how I am gonna try and solve this problem. So first I would multiply 7 x 5 = ?. So if you don't know how to work this out is that do it the ope set like 5 x 7 ? and if you don't know how to solve that out either than you would need to spilt 7 into 3 and 4 then do 3 x 5 = 15 than 4 x 5 = 20. Add them both than you will get and will get 35 dyas because
20 + 15 = 35

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  1. Hi Matthew!

    My name is Ellee I am another commentor on the Summer Learning Journey team!
    I hope you have had an awesome school holidays? :)

    Wowee, a whole days worth of activities - awesome job!

    Activity One:
    Awesome job with these facts!
    It was so interesting to read this information on the bumblebee - man they are hard workers!!

    Did any of these facts take you by surprise?
    I think I was really shocked at how fast they could go!
    I used to own a scooter that could go about the same speed (54km/h) - I felt like I was going pretty fast! :) I think it is amazing that a bumblebee can do the same!

    I was also surprised that they could carry 90% of their body weight in food!
    I think if I had to carry around all of my food for the day I would be sticking to light things like rice crackers and popcorn. :)

    Activity Two:
    Oh no!! Not the mashed potato, take anything but the mashed potato! I LOVE mashed potato, they kinda of have sentimental value to me too - They were my popa's signature dish and he always made them delicious :) they bring back good memories when I eat them.
    What is it you don't like about them? Is it the texture??

    Looks like you are not a veggie man Matthew? :)
    What is your favourite food?

    Activity Three:
    Oh awesome Maths on this activity Matthew - You have explained your working very clearly and effectively!
    That is also prtty awesome use of problem solving skills :)

    Imagine if this did happen - a whole extra month off of school!
    Would you like that or are you looking forward to going back?
    I used to love the school holidays, I never wanted to go back to school (even though I didn't mind school) - It was always nice to say hi to my friends but after that I wanted to be back on holiday! :)

    Hopefully you are looking forward to this year at school Matthew, I am sure your teachers have some amazing things planned already!

    Nga mihi,
    Ellee :)