Thursday, 28 February 2019

Teaching kids to play gutter board

Today around 12:44 I went to the junior area at Glenbrae school. Room 7 spit up to go to children classes so that we can teach them how to play gutter board. I was teaching the little kids they were to tech than I thought. We were reading the rules and reading the instructions to them and it was like the got it on a click will not quit but still got it pretty fast. When we were teaching them to play gutter broad only one person seemed to have won the game. Plus he was the only one who did it so what we did after teaching the kids to play we played with them taking turns, playing nicely, and being a good loser. But the junior kids did have fun and even after we taught them we saw them playing with the gutter board and started hearing "This game is cool ". So then we gave the gutter board to them then we left them to play.

I feel really happy that we taught the kids how to play because then they wouldn't have fun.
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