Thursday, 7 February 2019


We had our first day of swimming and it was really really fun because it was a hot day and we went after lunch. Which is a good time because of the hot hot day I felt like in was dieing because of the heat. So when it was time I got straight in the class and straight out unfortunately I was no the first one to get changed but I was second. We waited and waited then it was finally to go I was feeling excited and happy that I finally get to cool down my body. Our teacher told us to get in safely so we don't get our selves hurt.

We finally got in the pool, we played a little then Mrs Tofa said every one line up in a line and start practicing on your breathing under water. She also told us to go for a swim around the swimming pool so that we can get fit and be able to swim long distances. She also told people to go one by one and see if you are good at swimming. When it was my turn I tried to be a good swimmer so when I was swimming I tried not to stop but I did it anyway.

I really feel good about have to spend time in the pool because it is relaxing but not only that it is really cool like if was a hot day you could go to the swimming pool when it is your turn. I really feel grateful to be in the pool and I would reckon we should have it every day, every week, every month, and also every year and that will be awesome if that really happens.

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