Thursday, 28 February 2019


In the Morning Room, 7 went to Tennis it was our kiwi sport for every Thursday. We got to the courts and the wind was really blowing on us the Tennis nets kept on moving away from us and we kept on holding it.  

When he was talking we all were listening he was talking about how to hit the ball how to do different Technics. So then he told us to pair up and said " No we will play a game when I say head, shoulders, knees and toes then ball when I ball you grap it " So my partner was Ezekiel. So my partner and I were playing and every time he said ball we both keep on getting it. I felt like I was flash because I got the ball so fast and quick. Then he told us to go to the nets with your partner then said: " Now participate your hitting on each other, hit it as many as you can to the other person ". My partner and I were good, would say alright but good.

But than balls were flying everywhere and even the ball hit the coach when he said stop. It was just a big mess so we cleaned it but everything was alright with the coach because he said " it OK the balls are soft" we did get a chance to have a handshake him.

I really want the time to go faster so that I continue playing Tennis when I play Tennis it feels good and it even feels like I am in a tournament. 

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