Thursday, 28 February 2019

Softball tournament

Today I went to a school softball tournament with the Yr 6, Yr 7 and the Yr 8. It was fun because When I first got there I felt excited because I really really wanted to hit the ball and hit it far as I can so that my friends will get a home run. When we got out of the bus we had to get everything cleared. So when we did that we were walking to our place where we will sit there. When we got there we forgot to get the cover of the tent which was not there so we walked all the way down to the tree so that we can get shade. Then it was our first game the lady came to tell us that " you guys are in field 5 versing stone fields".Then I got really excited that I couldn't hear the teacher telling me to stop when I didn't and then she told me to go off Then had to watch tell almost to the end. When I got off I felt sad but then after that, I went in and I bating when I had a turn of bating I was nervous and I lost for our team because they had fast bowlers like really fast bowlers so I couldn't keep up. Then the time was over then we lost. But had more and more games to come and more games to catch up to the 1st place. But we didn't but at least we won 2 games against good teams

I feel bad for our team that we lost half of our games but is it ok because we can learn to get better. Plus we are playing sport to have fun and play friendly to each other and so that when we lose we can also learn how to be good winners and bad losers.

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