Monday, 10 February 2020

Big Brother Little Sister Questions

Questions for Big Brother, Little Sister by Witi Ihimaera

1. What are the names of the children? 
Hema and Janey

2. Why had big brother decided to run away from home?
Because they thought that their mother didn’t like them

3. Why did little sister want to follow her brother? How did he try to stop her?
- I think she was too scared at home without Hema and she ran after him to ask Hema if she could come. But Hema Said “ nooo” go home, you’re too` small to come with me”

4. Why do you think the mother chooses the violent relationships she is in over the children?
Because she is too weak and too scared to yell out “NO” to her own kids.

5. Choose 3 quotes from the story which describe the city or parts of it. 
A facade of skyscrapers facing the lake and beyond the lake is the reflection of 
We shape our buildings, and afterward, the buildings shape us.
The new building is staring at us with glare but some buildings are not the same, some are big some and some are small. 
6. Find 4 strong verbs (action/doing words) that show violence and list them. 
  • The was being violent to the mum by choking her and using really nasty words. 
  •  Uncle Pera grabbed his belt and whacked Hema because he was talking back to his mum
  • Dad and mum using yuck words in there argument which lead to something very bad
  • That their parents are split up and their lives are harder now.
8. How do we know the children have a close relationship? Give 2 examples. 
When they were gonna take the train to their Grandma's house they missed their train so they sat on a bench and hugged each other to keep nice cozy and warm.
When Hema and Janey was walking to the Train station, Hema said he will give Janey a piggy bank is she got tired and said “ we will manage”
9. What was big brother repeatedly asked to do by his mother? 
Stop interfering with here business because he’s only getting hurt
10. Who do you feel was worse, the children’s father or Uncle Pera? Explain.
The Farther because he was swearing and choking his wife at the same time, the dad left them with no Farther to look after them.
11. How do you feel about the ending of the story?
I felt really sad for Hema and Janey because their life was very hard and very messy
I also feel glad that the dad is gone because he disrespects his wife by choking her and yeah that's all I got to say

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