Monday, 24 July 2017

Earthquake Tower Challenge

Earthquake Tower Challenge

Today on Tuesday the 25th of july, we went to room 9 with Mrs sigamony for science intensive. In room 9 we were told that we need to follow the instruction to build the house and it was for us to build a tower made out of these:
  • pins
  • Cardboard base
  • Straws
  • Paper clips
  • Metres of strings
  • Sand 250g
Questions and Answers
During construction, how did you test the strength and stability of your structure? 250g of sand and put it on our straw tower.

During construction what strategies did you use to strengthen the weaker areas? Why? We could not strengthen our straw house because we didn’t have that much straws.

What are the strongest part of your building?why?
We had no strongest part on our straw house because the straws did not have much power to lift the sandbag.

What are the weakest parts of your building?Cardboard base Why? Because once you put the 250g of sand the base always moves a lot.

Where did you use your string in your structure? Why?
We never use the string because it will weaken the parts in the structure.

Where did you use the pins in your structure?We used it to make the tower straight. Why? So it could hold the 250g of sand.

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  1. Hi Mathew,

    It is great to see what your challenge was in your science lesson today with Mrs Sigamoney. Was your structure strong enough to hold the sand in the end?